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Godzilla – The Final Kiss

What are you meant to do when the end of days is upon you? It all began in the 70’s with some demented genetic testing on Komodo Dragons. What we are left with is the gigantic nuclear-fire breathing colossus known only as Godzilla. He’s single handedly destroyed half the world and he’s headed this way. Some people will try things they’ve never done before but they always deemed a bit risky before they knew their world was going to end. This couple however felt that love was the answer and decided that all they needed before the reckoning was one final kiss. The irony of the situation is that poor old Godzilla is himself looking for some affection. He’s been roaming the globe looking for his one true love and is going to leave no stone (or tower block) unturned in his search for her. Silly humans.

A2 in size and made using the magic of spray paint, acrylic, paint pen and charcoal




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