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The Eternal Sentry

After watching Night at the Museum over Christmas I decided my precious shed/studio needed a little more in the way of protection when I’m not there to ensure the precious things are safe. After a little deliberation I decided that it’s probably best that he’s armed and armoured so a knight on sentry duty seemed like a pretty good option. Incidentally, I’m not sure if the dog/dragon thing he seems to be stood on is a vanquished foe or loyal sidekick. You’ll have to work that one out for yourself. I’ve not been out in the evening to check he’s actually doing his duty but it’s cold out there so I’m just hoping he’s not a slacker. He seemed like a good sort…




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When life gives you lemons…

When I was mixing up the black ink for printing these I put in more pigment that I thought necessary and it was proper black. At least it looked it. Strangely though once it had been printed it came up grey. I did a couple more just to check I wasn’t going mad and then thought about crying. Screen printing can be pretty frustrating sometimes. Rather than throw a sulk and just chuck everything in the bin I thought I’d make the best of the situation and salvage what I could and these are the result. I like them more than I should probably because I know just how close they came to being binned.┬áIt turns out I’d used an old pigment or possibly old base goop and it somehow loses it’s ability to hold decent colour. Everyday is a school day.

Anyway they’re on A2 paper and are made using the magic of screen printing and spray paint. Perhaps I’ll get round to doing them again in black and completing them as per my original vision someday. Who knows? Drop us a line if interested.



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