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Upfest @ Freeze 2011 video

Unfortunately we forgot to get out our video camera out at Freeze festival this year – but fear not as it has all been captured and edited much better than we would have done in the short video above. Our piece gets featured a little and you even get a quick shot of someone having a crafty puff on our extra large art fag. Good times all round…

I smoke art fags for breakfast

For a bit more on our piece you can check here




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I smoke art fags for breakfast @ Freeze 2011

So it was the time of year for us to strap on our snowboards and go find some big air. I’m only joking as that would undoubtedly end up in a tangled mess of broken limbs.

Instead we opted to pack our art fag, oversize cardboard glasses and some paint and then head to Battersea to find ourselves a little spot to paint in. Thankfully the weather was lovely so we cracked on and had pretty much all the painting done by the end of day one.

With day two having just as good weather it was pretty much plain sailing as all we had to do was install our sunglasses, cardboard hand and id-iom brand art fag (complete with glowing red LED tip) to finish up our first attempt at 3D graffiti. We even managed to fulfil the suggestion to have some ash under the cigarette when we found a sandbag to borrow some makeshift ‘ash’ from. A little grey paint later and ‘hey presto!’ you’ve got yourself some wind-proof ash (cheers for that suggestion Dan!) Once we were all done we then turned our attention to the serious business of having a drink and watching the Streets. All in all a pretty good weekend…



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Art Fags Cause Cancer!

We all know cigarettes can be dangerous but it turns out that art fags can cause cancer too. Don’t say you haven’t been warned. Ever since i’d seen one of London’s most prolific taggers, 10 foot, go over just about everything he could with ‘Say No to Art Fags’ I had this image in my head. It has just taken it a while to make it out of there…

Those in the know may be able to tell by my subtle branding, that this  is a Molotow cigarette – which just happens to be my favourite brand. Go put that in your pipe and smoke it!



Title: Art Fags Cause Cancer (v.1)

Media: Screenprint, watercolour and paint pen

Size: 10 x 15cm (postcard size)

Available from our Big Cartel storee for £5

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