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The hidden auditorium of my skull

The hidden auditorium of my skull

The hidden auditorium of my skull

I like listening to music when I’m painting and sometimes I also like making up a few ditty’s in my musically-inadequate little brain and then proceed to attempt to hum/whistle/sing them. Luckily for me there aren’t that many people to hear these dire arrangements of mine apart from the other half of id-iom and he probably deserves the torture anyway. Surely he owes penance for something, I know he’s no good Samaritan and that’s for sure.

Anyway, just yesterday there I was getting ready for Sand, Sea and Spray when a wicked little tune popped into my skull making it nigh on impossible to carry on with what i was doing. To carry on cutting the stencil I was working on was just wrong so with this merry song swirling around in my bonce I jumped in to one of the other studio rooms to see if I could get it ‘from pen to paper’ as they say and inflict it on the nearest wall through the medium of paint. As you can probably tell I failed to portray the tune so settled for something that reflected the futility of what I was attempting. Maybe next time I’ll capture the tune and create a whole new field of art…




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