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It’s all Greek to me

It's all Greek to me

It’s all Greek to me

Maps. You’ve got to love them. They can come in very useful. Although I doubt this map will be guiding anyone anywhere again. Destiny has something entirely different in store for this particular map. She’s become art.

I have to say i’m partial to an idiom or two as the name suggests and this one just fell in to my lap. There i was looking through all the maps we have and a map of Greece comes up. As i was staring at it i knew there was a piece in it but i just couldn’t quite hit the nail on the head (check that out another idiom). After a serious amount of scratching my head a germ of an idea slowly started to grow in the empty space which is meant to be filled with my brain. Now after consulting google translate and doing a bit of frantic work, hey presto, Job done!

If you can’t read Greek it says ‘It’s all greek to me! which as you guessed it is an idiom. ooooooh aren’t i a clever boy now?

It is made using acrylic and glitter. Its 48 cm x 60 cm in size and signed on reverse

Here is the Ebay link





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Iron jelloids, Chisty lips and a raw meat helmet…

With austerity measures in full effect across the length and breadth of Europe here at id-iom we thought we’d do our bit to help out by starting our pieces at 99p. All part of the id-iom Yuletide Demolition sale (check our Ebay page for all that’s on sale).

Iron Jelloids

I’m becoming something of an authority on strange vintage artefacts these days. Take this British advert, purportedly from 1897, which I recently acquired for resale for ‘Iron Jelloids’ which are ‘dainty, palatable, non-constipating and non-injurious to the teeth’. They even contained a little banjo salve and, as the advert claims, were widely acknowledged by discerning men as the best in the business. I’m sure they made a fantastic addition to the Prophylactic family of goods – which in 1897 was becoming something of a runaway success with their iconic cock logo being used even in this very early advert. I can only guess why they aren’t still available today…

It’s a two layer A3 screen print on specially aged looking paper with stencils, spraypaint and unique hand finishing. Here’s the Ebay link.

Raw meat helmet

So, supposedly once Marilyn Manson once got a fan to put on a helmet made of raw meat. That surely is inspiration enough, no? It’s a single layer stencil with unique hand finishing using watercolour paint and is a majestic A2 in size. Here’s the Ebay link.

Chisty lips!

Now this picture was inspired by a friend who whilst drunk ended up with eyes the colour of red wine. And I don’t like red wine, it’s scary!! It’s made using watercolours, ink and pen on A3 paper. Signed on reverse. Here’s the Ebay link.



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