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With our backs against the wall

With our first day back to work today, I thought I’d share what I’ve managed to get done since the new year. Here we have Lolan on his knees praying to whatever deity he believes in. I’m not entirely sure what he’s praying about but with the state of affairs in the world today it could be anything from the Australian bush fires to Trump’s opening gambit in World War III or maybe he’s just thankful that the Masked Singer is on. It’s really not for me to say but it does seem like we have our backs to the wall and its only the 6th of January. What I can say though, is that Lolan here is number three of four figurines that I’m working on and as you can see I’m in full-on procrastination mode when it comes to the hands…




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Official Ball Tampering Kit

G’day! If you’ve ever wondered how some bowlers can deliver a ball with seemingly gravity defying swing then look no further. We’ve been working with the world renowned Cozen Academy for over 2 years to establish a new paradigm in ball tampering. Our patented high tech ‘yellow sandpaper’ works in any weather and can be discreetly used to rough up one side of the ball in a little over 15 seconds. This then allows for all kinds of bowling trickery – provided you’ve got the skill to carry it off! The kit is then small enough to be easily stashed just about anywhere at a moment’s notice and nobody is any the wiser. Work hard. Play smart.

The official kit is also available in a team-size max value pack for when you want everyone in on the action. Only available for a limited period.



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Happy Days

Despite the fact I grew up by the sea I have never been surfing – but then it was the Isle of Man which is hardly renowned for it’s world beating surf. Anyway, we have recently been asked if we’d like to feature some of our work in the upcoming Happy Days 2012 diary. The Happy Days diary is an Australian created diary focusing on ‘oceans, surf, art and the environment’.

As we already had some of our work in the 2011 edition, combined with the fact we are hardly over-exposed in Australasian market we thought we’d go for it again. Obviously the 2012 edition won’t be available until later in the year but if it sounds like your cup of tea you can visit Happy Days diary for further information.

I have included a couple of images from the 2011 diary (which i thought we’d already blogged about – but it appears not) so with any luck we’ll be making it large Down Under some time soon…




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