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Gone for a Burton

There’s little id-iom enjoys more than a roadtrip – especially when it’s to somewhere new – so when we got a call from Smirnoff about jazzing up the smoking area of Society Bar in Burton upon Trent we didn’t have to think too long before agreeing. After a lengthy approvals process we finally got the go ahead so packed up the id-iomobile and hit the road. It’s lucky we started straight away as it turns out that doing loads of stripes is easy when designing on a computer but surprisingly time consuming when doing it with paint. Especially when we had to work with very little access behind the scaffolding poles. Which we would have been able to remove if we brought an adjustable spanner rather than some allen keys. It wasn’t our fault though, for once, as we were told that we’d just need allen keys. Anyway, we just about managed to get it all done and you can see the fruits of our labour yourself if you’re ever in Burton.



Bonus: We passed through the suburb of Branston on our way out of town and we joked about Branston Pickle being from there. It turns out that it is actually the case. So now you know.


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The Old Jamm Inn

The Old Jamm Inn

Some people seem to have all the luck don’t they? There we were hard at ‘work’ (a euphemism for sitting at home trying not to distract each other from the tricky task of watching ‘Homes under the Hammer‘ whilst simultaneously ignoring both work deadlines and frigid draughts that seem to beset us from all sides) when my phone chirps to let me know it has received a text. After warming my fingers for a few seconds under a lighter i’m able to move my fingers enough to operate the phone. I somehow manage to press the necessary buttons and wipe the frost from the screen. My phone then reveals that we’ve been commissioned to design a logo for a new bar opening in sunny Barbados. How very fortunate – for the person moving out there and setting up shop that is!

Being the happy little worker bees that we are we then get as much information as we can pertaining to this forthcoming venture and set to work – properly this time but only after Homes under the Hammer has finished, naturally, and after setting a small fire under the computer to get her warmed up. I just know he’s not going to be having the same problems in the ‘Old Jamm Inn‘ when it finally opens in Spring 2013. I think their tagline is ‘Booze, beats and burgers’. Sounds ideal really.

If you’re in the neighbourhood next year I’d suggest you drop by for a warm welcome and a cold drink. Jamie, if you’re reading this and you need the interior painted up just let us know – we’ll happily take a busman’s holiday for flights and board!



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Ceiling cats are watching you ruminate

Ceiling cat is watching you ruminate

While we were at Seven recently I spotted a little hatch in the ceiling of the room next to where we were working and just knew what had to go up there (if they’d allow us). Ceiling cats! After a brief negotiation with the cat loving owners we were in. As the cats would be pretty difficult to spot (as they are life-size and on the ceiling) our joke would be lost on most so we thought we’d add some gravity defying paw prints to bring make them easier to spot. I, for one, welcome our new cat overlords.

Just in case you aren’t allowed on the internet very often ceiling cat is an internet meme that was wildly popular a few years ago and consisted of a picture of a cat peering through a hole in the ceiling with the legend ‘ceiling cat is watching you masturbate’. This then spawned numerous images using the same image of the cat and different words in the format “Ceiling Cat is watching you [verb ending in/rhyming with -ate]”. Internet history lesson over.



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Hands up!

Hands up! id-iom @ Seven at Brixton


If you’ve been down to Brixton Market any time recently you can’t help but notice the proliferation of quality independent food and drink establishments like Franco Manca and Honest Burger (to mention just a couple). So when we were asked if we’d like to paint up some walls in a new bar and tapas place called Seven at Brixton we jumped at the chance.

As usual, we ended up working to a pretty tight schedule and despite not having a confirmed design until Wednesday and the bar having it’s grand opening on Friday (4th Nov) we just about managed to pull it off. There are 4 more artists who have worked on spaces upstairs but we snagged the downstairs corridor which worked well for us. The photograph’s don’t really do this one justice and it’s difficult to get a feel for the whole thing without good photographs – which i’m clearly unable to get…

The corridor walls already had a lot of texture as the place hasn’t seen a lick of paint in many a year so we decided it best to go with what’s already there and make the most of it. The design consists of seven hands reaching up with lines of thread coming from each nail and all the threads converging on a big 7 sprayed on the wall.

Anyway shooting decent shots in such a tight corridor is definitely a challenge too far for my meagre photography skills and this one is definitely best viewed in the flesh. It will be up for at least the next 3 months so you should get down while you can… For more info you can check their blog




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We’re going to rock down to Electric Social – and then we’ll take it higher!

id-iom's How to Get Your Man at the Electric Social

Electric Social downstairs wall

Electric Social dripping bulb logo

Electric Social cassette

Crack squirrel on bar


Gotta make it home for Eastenders!

Magpie on doorway - looking just a little shifty...

He doesn't look so shifty from a distance

A slightly worried looking rabbit. He knows what the squirrels are up to...

King Stoat

Mick the magpie looking for a good holiday read

Owl in the woodland

You have to look close but he's there...

Your lunch smells lovely...

Magpie in the woodland

There's a mouse! Where? There on the stair!

Since when can squirrels read?

Aha! That's why she has that enigmatic smile. Because of the cute squirrel.

We’ve been a little quiet of late but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy! We have in fact been very busy working with dangerous animals and giant stencils on a new bar that has opened in Brixton.

The Electric Social on Acre Lane is now open for business and looking spiffing – complete with id-iom enhanced interior! Downstairs we have done a 10 metre section of downstairs wall with an Electric Social lightbulb wallpaper and a big piece over it entitled ‘id-iom’s How to Get Your Man’. Then upstairs we have done a large Electric Social cassette tape behind the stage. Scattered throughout we have painted numerous happy woodland animals. There’s mice, rats, magpies, a stoat and an owl. Unfortunately there’s a couple of bad eggs that have slipped in too – as the bloody squirrels have only been at the crack again! They’ll be chewing on the wiring again before you know it…

The Brixton crack squirrels were actually inspired by a couple of ‘true’ stories (I use true in the loosest sense of the word – mainly that it was reported by The Guardian and The Sun newspapers).

NEWS JUST IN – it’s been confirmed that one of my favourite DJ’sA Skillz – will be playing at the the grand opening of the Electric Social on Friday 30th September. Now I just hope they were serious about that bar tab for us…



PS – You can see bigger shots of all the work on our Flickr page (plus a couple of extra shots not uploaded here)


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