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Bark or Bite?

Bark or Bite?

We sold another version of this picture a short while ago and then a friend got in touch saying she’d failed in her attempt to snaffle it on eBay and could she commission another from us. As it’s her birthday very shortly we sent it along as a gift in lieu of the fact that we will be unable to attend. So ‘Happy Birthday!’ You know who you are…

It’s based on an old Celtic design that was in a book which was lying around in our dearly departed studio. This was one of several designs that I was thinking of getting it done as a tattoo so I thought I’d see how it looked before I’d commit ink to skin. As i’m a fickle beast I have since changed my mind and will, in fact, be going for a photorealistic teal duck. Probably. Maybe this one will get a look in next time…




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