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Bassists have the best moves

Bassists have the best moves

Bassists have the best moves

I have to admit that my favourite band member is usually the drummer, if he’s good, he can steal the show. Sadly though the drummer is stuck behind his kit (again why they are my favourite) and can’t really show the crowd his moves. The rest of the band on the other hand can move around the stage thrusting their hips which are usually poured in to tight jeans which send their adoring fans crazy. This picture though is based on a little something i noticed after one too many gigs…

It is A2 in size and is made using acrylic paint. Signed on reverse.

Here is the ebay link

For further information about us and what we get up to you can visit our flickr (www.flickr.com/id-iom) and twitter (@thisisidiom).





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id-iom iphone wallpapers

One of my friends has just got themselves the new iphone and asked me to come up with a wallpaper to brighten his otherwise dull background up. After a little digital jiggery-pokery I think i’ve managed to come up with some wallpapers that should work.

If anyone who reads this has an iphone i would appreciate knowing that they can download them and that they all work okay.



Bassists have the best moves – iphone wallpaper

Caged skull – iphone wallpaper

Caged smiley – iphone wallpaper

Insert self here – iphone wallpaper

When toys grow up – iphone wallpaper

When toys grow up – iphone wallpaper

When toys grow up – iphone wallpaper

Steal this iphone – iphone wallpaper

Undercover lover – iphone wallpaper

Where’s the weekend? – iphone wallpaper


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