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It’s better down where it’s wetter @ Displacement

It’s better where it’s wetter – now with added legs!

Last night was the opening night of the Displacement group show which is taking place for the next week at 229 Clare Street near Bethnal Green tube. All the artists involved in the show had painted on Clare Street at some point before the show. As the area is slowly gentrifying we thought we’d go for a canvas version of the wall piece we painted before it disappears for good.

Wall version on Clare Street

It would seem that everyone is a critic. Although it is the only damage I could spot…

Both versions feature a slightly overweight looking Ariel the mermaid. She does, in fact, look a bit like an American tourist with her Hawaiian shirt on but rest assured she’s just trying to blend in whilst finding the secrets of the oversized land seals they call humans. She can’t wait to say the spell to get rid of her human legs and get her fishy bottom half back so she can get back under the sea. It’s better where it’s wetter…





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Wine, Glorious Wine!

Here at id-iom there’s nowt we like more than a tight deadline. It means we are forced to focus which means there’s less time for messing around on our behalf and also it tends to mean we’re left to our own devices a little more than if there’s plenty of time and every little thing has to be approved by about 20 people – which is always frustrating. Here we had a couple of days to produce 9 canvases with certain quotes on and a bigger piece on wood of a hand holding a glass of wine for a booze based event. Given the time frame and what we had to work with I was quite pleased with the end result.

On a more serious note wine is actually on our banned substance list. It doesn’t sit well with the id-iom boys. Just so you know for future reference…



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