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September sale

Roll up, roll up! It’s been a quiet couple of months and we need some new spraypaint so it’s sale time here at id-iom. We’ve got 25% off if you spend over £60 on our big cartel page. Now you can’t really say fairer than that. So, if you’ve ever needed an id-iom piece to adorn your walls then now’s the time…

Just use discount code: SEPTEMBER





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id-iom @ Big Cartel

We’ve had our Big cartel page for a little while now but have largely failed to let anyone know about it. It’s not because we are trying to keep it a secret but is, in fact, due largely to the fact that marketing is definitely not our forte. It’s always much more enjoyable to throw some paint around or do just about anything else.

Somehow however it has found it’s way to the top of our to-do list so I should give it my best effort. Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m happy to present a link so that you can go and grab yourselves a little bit of id-iom:

id-iom @ Big Cartel

Ooh, i’m really getting the hang of this marketing malarkey now. Just you watch. I’ll be updating our Big Cartel stuff like the most eager beaver in a room full of elite eager beavers. Well, I should imagine that will cover marketing efforts for a while. Phew! Back to the lab…



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All i do is win!

I always used to think that actually coming up with new ideas and producing the work would be the hard part about being an artist but ,as Snoop put it in ‘Gin & juice‘, we ‘keep coming up with funky ass shit like every single day’. Now whilst this in itself is a good thing it merely highlight our deficiencies in marketing as we have a back catalog of work building up on us! Maybe i’ll pull a Jimmy Cauty and just burn the lot of it…

In fact marketing, sales and promotion turns out to be the toughest part of the job as it’s probably the least enjoyable aspect for me personally (anyone got any good ideas or care to help??) I didn’t really sign up for that side of things as self-promotion is something of a tough game – especially when you are dealing with your own product but we somehow muddle along. Anway that’s enough moaning for one day as in reality all we do is win!  



Title: All i do is win
Media: Screenprint, acrylic, ink & paint pen
Size: A2

Available from our Big Cartel store

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Bill Posters is innocent!

When I was growing up I occasionally saw the graffiti ‘Bill Posters is innocent’ about the place and didn’t understand it until my dad explained the joke to me at some point. I reckon I must have thought he was some kind of Robin Hood figure who the police were after but had public opinion on his side. This obviously appealed to me and lodged in my mind and now, after a good deal of processing, has now manifested itself in this piece.

I selected the date of 1880 as after a little internet research it would appear that was the date the ‘Bill Posters is innocent’ joke first made it to print (apparently in The London Graphic) so it’s certainly not anything new. I like the fact it still works today though. Anyway i’ve only done wheatpasting a couple of times and now Spring is in the air (well, sort of!) I intend to remedy that so keep your eyes peeled…



Title: Prosecute This!

Media: Screenprint, stencils and spraypaint

Size: A3

Available from our Big Cartel store for £40

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