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This is the story all about how…

Well, guess who’s got themselves a Dymo? I hadn’t seen one for years and had presumed they’d gone all digital but no, it’s a good old-fashioned one like they had at school and it’s just perfect for small scale street interventions and, ideally, little earworms like this. Having printed the first couple of lines from the theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (which are surely ideal breeding ground for an earworm) I just had to find somewhere good to put them. Where better than a bin that does get turned upside down on a weekly basis? Granted it’s probably in the highest traffic spot in the world but it’s all about placement and if it achieves it’s aim just once then it’s fit for purpose. I just have to remember to take it out with me next time…




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Self service child minder unit

Bemoaning the lack of affordable local child care seems to be something of a popular pastime for many of the young mums I know so I’m glad to see that the local council has decided to do something about it. They’ve had a multi-departmental brainstorming session and the self service child minder units are their experimental outcome. Simply deposit your child in one of the marked units and then retrieve them after work. It’s as simple as that. And it’s free. Although it should be noted that overnight stays are prohibited. I, for one, applaud this brave new move in domestic frugality…



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Where you wheelie bin?

Once the idea for ‘Where you wheelie bin?’ crept into my head i knew there was no going back. It comes from a joke my dad used to tell us which revolved around a misunderstanding of the line ‘Where you wheelie bin?’

The line obviously suggested placement on a wheelie bin and i think the coup de grace was coming up with the QR code which links to a version of the joke on the internet. How very technically advanced this little jape is! I was just going to leave you to work our how to read the QR code on your own but as someone pointed out there are probably relatively few people with a QR code reader on their phone so I’ll give you the link that the QR code takes you to – click here

I think as a trial run/initial idea i think this works well and so now we just need to take it to the next level. Watch this space!



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