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Keen followers of id-iom will know that we like to put a little write up with our pieces. Today is no exception but it appears we’ve run into a small snag. Neither of us can seemingly come up with anything suitable for today’s decidedly lovely painting. She’s a wistful looking lady gazing off stage left. That much is for sure. 

It’s usually quite obvious (to us at least) what the blurb will be. But not today. It’s veered from being related to the boredom of lockdown to living in a crashed space station to shouting at your own private parts. I wish I was making it up. Now, in the fruitless search for a write up, I’ve had to go all existential and write about my inability to come up with something to write about. Meta. Take from it all what you will…

If you’d like to give her a home drop us a line etc. It is A2 on high quality Bockingford paper and made using Acrylic, paint pen, watercolour pencil and spray paint.




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Ytuaeb gnipeels

There’s nothing worse than making a schoolboy error whilst resolutely proclaiming to be a professional. So any self respecting artist should really know better than to walk into the trap I did. Although I’ve never done any lino cutting before I know what the score is as i have screen printed on many occasions and the same rules apply. Being excited to start my lino cutting I jumped straight in without the necessary amount of thought and only on completion was my flaw evident. I forgot to reverse the image and text so it would print the  correct way round. D’oh…



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