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The Third Dimension

Ever since I watched Jaws 3D as a kid I’ve had a special love for 3D. Especially the clunkier earlier format with the image split into red and blue versions with the throwaway cardboard glasses with matching coloured eye filters. Apparently this works by means of encoding each eye’s image using the filters of  chromatically opposite colors. When viewed through the 3D glasses, each of the two images reaches the eye it’s intended for, revealing an integrated stereoscopic image. The visual cortex of the brain then fuses this into the perception of a 3D scene. Aren’t our brains clever? I’ve even got a 3D tattoo. So there.

This canvas isn’t in the best of shape so I’m thinking she’ll make it to the streets some time soon. She can lead a new life with someone else…




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Bouba or Kiki?

There is something called the bouba/kiki effect whereby people are shown two shapes – one is a sharp edged star-like shape and the other a more rounded blob – and they are then asked to assign the names ‘bouba’ or ‘kiki’ to the shapes. An incredible 95% of the participants selected the curvy shape as ‘bouba’ and the jagged one as ‘kiki’ which suggests that the human brain somehow attaches abstract meanings to the shapes and sounds in a consistent way. Which is just plain weird when you think about it. I’m not sure which name I’d attach to this shape as it’s a bit of both. Confusing.

This confusing shape has been sprayed on A2 paper then had some dashing blue stripes added. If you like it enough to want it then drop us a line…



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When life gives you lemons…

When I was mixing up the black ink for printing these I put in more pigment that I thought necessary and it was proper black. At least it looked it. Strangely though once it had been printed it came up grey. I did a couple more just to check I wasn’t going mad and then thought about crying. Screen printing can be pretty frustrating sometimes. Rather than throw a sulk and just chuck everything in the bin I thought I’d make the best of the situation and salvage what I could and these are the result. I like them more than I should probably because I know just how close they came to being binned. It turns out I’d used an old pigment or possibly old base goop and it somehow loses it’s ability to hold decent colour. Everyday is a school day.

Anyway they’re on A2 paper and are made using the magic of screen printing and spray paint. Perhaps I’ll get round to doing them again in black and completing them as per my original vision someday. Who knows? Drop us a line if interested.



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The short lived reign of the blue faced bastard

The short lived reign of the blue faced bastard

The short lived reign of the blue faced bastard

Not all monarchs can be like Queen Elizabeth II who has just celebrated her 90th birthday and is now in to her 64th year as Queen. On the flip side of the coin is this true rapscallion of immense proportions – His self proclaimed royal highness Sir Asmund Quayle King of Mann. His reign only lasted for 3 days however until the appropriate authorities stepped in to apprehend him. He escaped, of course, but I’m sure that’s not the last we’ll hear of him.

The only thing left after the raid was this hastily drawn formal portrait of Sir Asmund painted on a cupboard door. If you happen to come across him in any of his numerous guises please be careful…



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Wine, Glorious Wine!

Here at id-iom there’s nowt we like more than a tight deadline. It means we are forced to focus which means there’s less time for messing around on our behalf and also it tends to mean we’re left to our own devices a little more than if there’s plenty of time and every little thing has to be approved by about 20 people – which is always frustrating. Here we had a couple of days to produce 9 canvases with certain quotes on and a bigger piece on wood of a hand holding a glass of wine for a booze based event. Given the time frame and what we had to work with I was quite pleased with the end result.

On a more serious note wine is actually on our banned substance list. It doesn’t sit well with the id-iom boys. Just so you know for future reference…



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In the night garden

Fuck street art. Garden art is where it’s at these days. The natural setting lends the picture a certain vitality and gives a more vibrant and natural look. This little lady may eventually end up on the street if I can find somewhere suitable for her to be deposited but I thought something a little more classy would be better for her first foray onto the internet. Well, it’s either that or perhaps I’m just lazy and can’t currently be bothered trying to find a suitable location that isn’t in the garden. Whatever you think I’m going with the first description as the story I’m sticking to…

On a side not I’m not entirely sure why I decided to colour her in blue but I think the avatar look suits her quite nicely. Either that or she’s a rather human looking relative of Igglepiggle from ‘In the Night Garden’. Which would be weird. Oh well, onwards and upwards. What’s next?



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She blows hot and cold

With the spectre of gentrification hanging over the railway arches in Brixton we went down to do our small part to raise the profile of the #Savebrixtonarches campaign by painting up some shutters alongside a few other artists. It may not be much against the juggernaut of urban redevelopment but it gets us out of the house on a Sunday at least.

Once we’d arrived and found our spot we managed to draw some inspiration from the red and blue ‘HOT’ and ‘COLD’ lettering above the shutters to give us a colour scheme to work with and some idea of where we were headed. After we’d got that much nailed it was pretty much plain sailing. This design is reasonably minimal for us and it took a fair amout of willpower to overcome the urge to get a load more paint on the shutters and just walk away once it was completed. Righto, what’s next?

Cheers (and a big thanks to Monoprixx for taking the shot!)


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