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Brixton whichever way you look at it

Given that we’d already done a ‘Bristol’ ambigram design before Christmas I thought it only fair to get Brixton in on the action. Knowing my current proclivities if I did a load of them they’d all have stripes on them so I limited myself to just two versions for now. One with stripes, obviously, and one with a wavy patterned design. In all fairness I’d probably have to respray the blue and grey one if anyone wanted it as my favourite part, the Ace of Aces logo bit, hasn’t really come out very well but I thought I’d wait and see if there was any interest first. They’re A2 in size and I’d also be happy to re-do with any particular background colourways as requested if anyone felt so inclined as to ask. So there you have it.

As a side note if you’re not familiar with Ram John Holder’s song ‘Brixton Blues’ then I suggest you get yourself to Youtube pretty sharpish and give your ears a little treat.




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Red lips kiss my blues away

Red lips kiss my blue eyes away

Red lips kiss my blues away (x4)

Some days we surely all feel a little like the chap in the picture. Although he has been brushing up on his technique as we can see by his quality choice of reading material.

She’s from an edition of 5 and is a compact A4 in size and has been completed using the magic of screen printing, paint pens, spraypaint and stencils. Signed on reverse.



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