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That girl is on fire

To calm her down I offered her a drink which she excepted but to everyone’s dismay, she ordered a flaming Sambuca. No one was quite sure what she was going to do with it and we weren’t disappointed. She downed it in one and there in front of us the light orange glow of flames started to lick around her body once again. No one was quite sure but as she said her thanks she again started to strut down the street with smoke starting to billow around her, this was when I decided to take a mental picture so that I could try and paint her sometime in the next week.

There I was just last Friday having a few celebratory drinks in the pub due to the fact that another week had come to a close.  When this woman comes sashaying past naked, literally on fire and without a care in the world. Now as I’m sure you’d agree this sent most of the patrons reeling, downing their pints and running off down the street. The more chivalrous of the group decided that instead of drinking their pints they would throw their drinks at the lady, thinking they were helping her out in some way but all that seemed to do was make the lady angry.




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Because he’s mine and I want to…

Because he's mine and i want to

Because he’s mine and i want to

I’m somewhat annoyed with myself. I came up with the title for this piece quite easily as it’s obviously emblazoned right across the front of the picture but i’m already thinking that was a trap best avoided. It’s because whenever I see the title an earworm attacks and I can’t help but think of the soul destroying tedium of Billie Piper with her number 1 smash hit ‘Because we want to‘. I’d include a link to it but for some reason you can’t get it on youtube and i’d just be being cruel anyway.

I think the inspiration behind this piece is the idea that some women can get a little possessive over their man and then blame it on a little thing called love. Although the lack of clothing on this particular lady would suggest that she is using her power in an entirely different way…



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The hidden auditorium of my skull

The hidden auditorium of my skull

The hidden auditorium of my skull

I like listening to music when I’m painting and sometimes I also like making up a few ditty’s in my musically-inadequate little brain and then proceed to attempt to hum/whistle/sing them. Luckily for me there aren’t that many people to hear these dire arrangements of mine apart from the other half of id-iom and he probably deserves the torture anyway. Surely he owes penance for something, I know he’s no good Samaritan and that’s for sure.

Anyway, just yesterday there I was getting ready for Sand, Sea and Spray when a wicked little tune popped into my skull making it nigh on impossible to carry on with what i was doing. To carry on cutting the stencil I was working on was just wrong so with this merry song swirling around in my bonce I jumped in to one of the other studio rooms to see if I could get it ‘from pen to paper’ as they say and inflict it on the nearest wall through the medium of paint. As you can probably tell I failed to portray the tune so settled for something that reflected the futility of what I was attempting. Maybe next time I’ll capture the tune and create a whole new field of art…



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