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Collaboration canvas

Towards the end of last year we got together a group of artists and had a go at a collaboration canvas. The rules were simple. We started and then passed it on to the next in line who then did their bit and then passed it on again.

There were 11 artists involved overall and nobody got to see in advance what the previous person had done or how the canvas was developing. As an experiment in collaboration i think it worked well – and considering the possibilities for how the canvas could have turned out I was pretty impressed with the end result. I’d love to know what anyone thinks of this as we are possibly considering a round two…

There is a thread about this on the Banksy Forum if you are interested in seeing how it all developed – Collaboration canvas on Banksy Forum

The pictures are also all in a set on flickr – Collaboration canvas flickr set and we also have a short video on youtube:

Final product…




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