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Other People’s Graffiti (light installation edition)

I thought I’d kick Friday off with another instalment of Other People’s Graffiti which today feature’s a classy light installation found at a mystery pub I found myself in by chance. Some might dismiss this as just some lights in a bottle but they aren’t really paying attention. There is much to like. One – it’s a light installation. Two – it’s in a Lambrini bottle with all the labels still  on. Three – they’ve actually gone to the effort of drilling a hole in the bottle so the power lead can come out and they can still have the cap on. Four – the alluring glow of the pink lights on a windowsill behind a net curtain. Five – the presentation as a whole.

Put all those things together and just marvel at it’s majestic glory. Unbounded creativity combined with a wry eye for social commentary and some slick presentation. Beauty is where you find it.




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After realising the wall we had done the ‘Team id-iom bananeira‘ on was due to be demolished we thought we’d best take full advantage of the British summer and get indoors to do a little work to escape the ‘humidity’ outside. I wanted to do a piece i’ve been thinking about for a while which I think must have come about after reading Seven for a secret by Clive Woodall – which features the trials and tribulations of a little bird as it goes about trying to save the animal kingdom from man’s pernicious influence.

This one seems to work on a couple of levels. There is the literal view that the choices we offer wildlife often come down to destruction via poisons, shooting or pollution – which is, of course, no choice at all. There is also the view that the vulnerable little bird is a metaphor for people and the choices we often make for ourselves/our societies – be it drugs (hence ‘X’ which i hear is a popular term for ecstasy in the US), drink (hence ‘gasoline’ which always makes me think of this scene from the film ‘Top Secret!’) or violence.

That probably doesn’t make much sense but at least it keeps me happy. That’s enough thinking for today. Pass the Special Brew!




Work in progress shots


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