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The Void

Mathilda had been staring at the ceiling of her bedroom for the last 17 hours straight. She wasn’t incapacitated or ill or bed bound however. She was, in fact, trying to ‘touch the void’ – a place apparently outside the framework of space and time as we understand it. She had read about it on a lifestyle influencer’s post on Instagram which had a picture of them sitting on a lone rock in some holistic yoga position with a few emojis thrown over the top. And that 

post had over 11 thousand likes.

Eventually she gave up because she was hungry. As she wolfed down the eggs on toast she wondered if the influencer had ever really touched the void or was actually just making it all up. Whilst she was thinking she was also watching a Trump coronavirus press conference and came to the sudden conclusion that was all she really needed to connect with the bleak desolation of the void. It turned out it was pretty easy after all. 

It is A2 in size and made using acrylic, spray paint, oil pastel and paint pen.




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We forge the chains that bind us in life

We as individuals make our own limitations, our own chains. Without sounding like a self-help book ‘we forge the chains that bind us in life’ is something of a blinding truism that many people fail to see. It’s not what happens to us in life but how we handle whatever comes our way that makes us what we are. That said I did get arrested once and i’m pretty sure the handcuffs weren’t constructed by my fair hand. So take from that what you will.

Those in the know may have realised I’ve paraphrased Charles Dickens for the quote on this one. But it’s a good one.

A few versions of ‘We forge the chains’ are still available via Play Dead gallery until 16th Feb. They’re A2 and are £130 each if anyone wants to give them a new home.



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