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My brain is not dead enough for this (but my soul certainly is)…

My brain is not dead enough for this (but my soul certainly is)...

My brain is not dead enough for this (but my soul certainly is)…

It’s been that time of year when as many artists as you’d possibly want in one place gather to show their skills. For UPFest the weather usually seems to be our ‘summer’ standard of grey skies and light rain. I’m not sure quite what we’d done to get good weather this year however we were fully prepared to take advantage of it. So, early on Saturday morning it was time to pack the car and head off on our annual pilgrimage to Bristol.

After arriving fashionably late (not entirely our fault!) we made our way to Bar BS3, which is a new venue for Upfest, where we had a 20 x 8ft wall to paint in the pub’s beer garden (which will hopefully become a semi-permanent feature). After a bold start with the tiniest rollers in the world we finally managed to make some headway then it was time to wrestle with some extra large stencils.

The picture was originally meant to have some words (which we’ve used as the title) but due to unforeseen circumstances we failed to get them completed before embarking on our road trip. As it goes I’m not sure if it needs the words anyway so I’m quite happy with the finished product. After we’d finished it was all merrily downhill with many drinks being quaffed. All good. Bring on next year…




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Big Heart Little Brain

Big Heart Little Brain

This was originally done as a t-shirt design many moons ago but in the studio clear out we found that we’d also cut it as a stencil which had somehow managed to get lost in amongst some other stuff and had never been sprayed so we thought we’d best remedy that post haste. The eagle eyed amongst you will, no doubt, spot the obvious mistake which just goes to show the little brain aspect. The fact that the brain is bigger than the heart just goes to show really. In fact thinking about it I’m going to have to have a look and see if i can find my t-shirt as i haven’t seen it in a good long while…

I think the inspiration behind this picture comes from those times when you are trying to help out but try as you might you seem to be more of a hindrance than a help. I’m pretty sure my girlfriend would agree with this as a description of me from time to time.



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