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A Fiery Soft Mess

I know, I know. It’s an odd title for both a blog post and a picture but there you have it. I’m not going to back down on this one…

What can i say about ‘A Fiery Soft Mess’? Well ‘A-mazing!’ and ‘Lovin it!’ are just two of the top-level superlatives already applied to this piece (albeit on our flickr page 😉 )  but if nothing else she is impressive in dimensions (over a metre tall/wide) although she is painted on a big piece of wood! What springs to mind when i say the words ‘A Fiery Soft Mess’? In fact don’t answer that and just enjoy the picture. In fact pointedly don’t answer the question of what springs to mind when i say ‘A Fiery Soft Mess’. At least we resisted the urge to colour her nipple in. I think i prefer it that way now although I was chief advocate of nipple painting at the time the issue was under question. It just goes to show that you do live and learn.

Keep tuned for the next week’s truism



Title: A fiery soft mess

Media: Acrylic, spray paint and paint pen on wooden board

Size: 122 x 107 cm


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I Love Kittens

I was trying to come up with something typically gritty, urban and insulting to get up and so somehow (naturally) ended up with this badass bit of graf…

Title: I Love Kittens
Media: Hand cut stencils & spraypaint
I was obviously in a somewhat romantic/strange mood as also got ‘Birds of a feather’ up as well although i think it was the somewhat desperate looking leafless branch that set the wheels in motion for this one. And, i suppose, the fact that i just love to brighten up a drab looking wall…
Title: Birds of a feather
Media: Hand cut stencils & spraypaint

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