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Emergency Riot Brick

My what a busy morning we’ve had. From conception to completion in just a couple of hours. The emergency riot brick is the dubious result.

If you find yourself in a certain set of conditions then the emergency riot brick really is a must. Pretty does what it says on the tin. A big plus side is that it’s reusable and when you’re not actively using it it doubles as a handy door stopper. We’ll be taking pre-orders from tomorrow.



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Hobson’s choice

It’s an odd feeling when you realise that a piece that has only just been painted is going to be demolished but there is definitely something quite satisfying about the impermanence of it all and the fact that these photo’s are now the only record of it’s existence. The bottom picture shows the last few seconds of the little bird’s life. It would appear that death by gunshot is his chosen fate. So be it.







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