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Please leave quietly

Please leave quietly

Now although this isn’t exactly what you’d call art we thought we’d get it up simply because it’s quite a good photo and for us that is an achievement in itself. We were down at Brixton market because the boys from Seven had asked us to come down and paint a couple more of the ‘Please leave quietly’ signs on the main shutters to the market (as we’d already done it on their shutters) so we had the camera to record it for posterity and somehow actually got a decent shot. Stranger things have happened at sea. Or so they say…




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id-iom business card @ Seven

id-iom business card @ Seven

We’ve previously done a fair bit of work down at Seven in Brixton Market and as they were having their bathroom area painted up they saw it as an opportunity for the artists who’d worked on the place to leave a bit of information about themselves to entertain any interested punters.

It seemed like a perfect opportunity to try out my new id-iom business card stencil so that’s precisely what I did. I’m pretty happy with how it looks so we may well be using this a little more from here on in.



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Ceiling cats are watching you ruminate

Ceiling cat is watching you ruminate

While we were at Seven recently I spotted a little hatch in the ceiling of the room next to where we were working and just knew what had to go up there (if they’d allow us). Ceiling cats! After a brief negotiation with the cat loving owners we were in. As the cats would be pretty difficult to spot (as they are life-size and on the ceiling) our joke would be lost on most so we thought we’d add some gravity defying paw prints to bring make them easier to spot. I, for one, welcome our new cat overlords.

Just in case you aren’t allowed on the internet very often ceiling cat is an internet meme that was wildly popular a few years ago and consisted of a picture of a cat peering through a hole in the ceiling with the legend ‘ceiling cat is watching you masturbate’. This then spawned numerous images using the same image of the cat and different words in the format “Ceiling Cat is watching you [verb ending in/rhyming with -ate]”. Internet history lesson over.



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id-iom @ Seven – Round 2! Fight!

id-iom @ Seven - Round 2! Fight!

Seven @ Brixton asked us back again to paint up the corridor area in their fine establishment. This meant that we first needed to buff our work from last year –  which was actually surprisingly enjoyable and somewhat cathartic I have to admit. After that was complete we set to the task in hand of getting the new design up in double time for a special opening and wine tasting which was just one day away (which is now last Friday 17th). So to the dark studio it was – for a quick case of stencil finger and a refresher course in being a handyman.

First up we got our little character on wall, got him coloured in and then had to move onto phase 2. After the last time at Seven where we used some thread from the fingertips we definitely needed to next level this one too so decided to stick some pipes to the wall (this is where the handyman course was needed as I get a little giddy with power tools in my hand) which are dripping a veritable rainbow of paint onto the floor which then coalesces to spell the word ‘Seven’. Easy i hear you say! For most people i would probably agree but for this pair of design cowboys Phase 2 became something of a practical challenge. After a few failures to get the pipes fixed we somehow though we managed to stay true to our word and got the design finished for everyone to enjoy on Friday night… Phew!




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Fame and fortune here we come…

id-iom in NME

Well we had a picture feature for a full split second on the Culture Show last week  and now we’ve got our work at Seven featured in this week’s NME as a background for a photo shoot featuring upcoming singer Jessie Ware. I’m sure eagle eyed readers will have spotted both of these already of course.

Whatever next? Perhaps we’ll get a close up of a tiny part of one of our pieces in a music video. You’ve got to have aspirations in this world. World domination will follow in due course.



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Hands up!

Hands up! id-iom @ Seven at Brixton


If you’ve been down to Brixton Market any time recently you can’t help but notice the proliferation of quality independent food and drink establishments like Franco Manca and Honest Burger (to mention just a couple). So when we were asked if we’d like to paint up some walls in a new bar and tapas place called Seven at Brixton we jumped at the chance.

As usual, we ended up working to a pretty tight schedule and despite not having a confirmed design until Wednesday and the bar having it’s grand opening on Friday (4th Nov) we just about managed to pull it off. There are 4 more artists who have worked on spaces upstairs but we snagged the downstairs corridor which worked well for us. The photograph’s don’t really do this one justice and it’s difficult to get a feel for the whole thing without good photographs – which i’m clearly unable to get…

The corridor walls already had a lot of texture as the place hasn’t seen a lick of paint in many a year so we decided it best to go with what’s already there and make the most of it. The design consists of seven hands reaching up with lines of thread coming from each nail and all the threads converging on a big 7 sprayed on the wall.

Anyway shooting decent shots in such a tight corridor is definitely a challenge too far for my meagre photography skills and this one is definitely best viewed in the flesh. It will be up for at least the next 3 months so you should get down while you can… For more info you can check their blog




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