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The Rules

Toby was an avid internet troll who thought that the interweb was his playground, that was until the day he found out the internet had rules. Who would have thought it? Certainly not, Toby, that’s for sure as he is now hiding from the world due to the negative backlash he received for a number of his online transgressions.

What rule did he break I hear you ask? Sadly he broke more than just one and managed to get most of the interweb to hate him. Even countries like North Korea, Belarus, Iran, Syria and Turkmenistan have joined in teaching toby a thing or two about internet etiquette and they have little or no public internet to speak of.

He’s thinking of having the ones he broke most, tattooed down the sides of both his arms and legs so as to not forget them. It’s either that or not go on the internet anymore and that just doesn’t seem realistic as he is the CEO of a major tech company.

That said he is now looking in to selling all his stock of said tech firm and buying up land to start a marijuana farm in Patagonia due to his Welsh heritage. The internet really gave him both barrels and now he just wants a simple life




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Broken thinking

We’ve had great weather recently and I’ve largely been thinking appropriately sunny thoughts but after reading that up to a third of Britons are apparently just one paycheck away from homelessness I’ve had to take a quick detour to a slightly darker place. It seems to me that once a small problem somehow grows into something larger then it’s hard to avoid a series of negative thoughts that can have a succession of negative consequences that can then spiral and link together to force you even further down. It’s not something I really like to consider very often but in reality it’s not hard to see how easily it can happen if circumstances conspire against you…



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I came to the festival for love

I came to the festival for love slate. Now loose on the street.

I came to the festival for love slate (front)

I came to the festival for love slate (back)

Here we have the third installment of our Back to the Future mixtape project which sees us combine two of our loves – music and street art.

Our plan is simple. Get some new mixes together, burn them on CD and then put them out on the street with some exclusive slate cover art to see what happened. The piece is the size of a standard roofing slate (about 40 x 28 cm) and has the CD securely taped to the back so she should last a reasonable amount of time out in the open. It has been completed using the magic of paint pens, spraypaint and stencils. They are signed on reverse with our trademark id-iom stencil and logo.

With sunshine the prevailing weather condition for once we can finally get round to the idea that summer – and the always amusing festival season – is on the way. I’ve been to Glastonbury every available year since 1999 and thoroughly enjoyed myself every time – come rain or shine. I’m sure this year will be no exception. The poor lady in this piece however is not having such a great time as she’s gone to a festival and someone has callously broken her heart. My best advice to her would be to head to the bar…

We are also now open to submissions – so if you dj at all and fancy taking part just get in touch and if we like your mix then you’re in! You can find more information on our facebook page here.

Happy hunting!




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Shot through the heart

Shot through the heart

Shot through the heart

With Valentine’s Day swiftly approaching we thought it best to turn our attention to affairs of the heart and see what we could come up with in recognition of this day of love.

Bon Jovi once famously sang that they’d been shot through the heart and noted the fact that you were to blame. Well, short of the whole blaming you for it thing I thought I’d turn that sentiment into some art using the magic of stencils and spraypaint. In fact that’s given me an idea for a little street piece…

It is A3 in size and signed on reverse. here is the Ebay link



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Nobody’s perfect are they? We all have our weaknesses and are slightly defective in one way or other. Some more than others but that’s just the way of the world. Surely the discrepancies and inconsistencies are a large part of what makes us what we are? Are they not something to be celebrated and explored? Other than being male i can entirely put myself in the position of this young lady who appears to have had one too many but at least still seems to be enjoying herself somewhat. Make of it what you will…



Title: F**ked Up And Flawed

Media: Screenprint, acrylic, spraypaint, charcoal, ink & paint pen

Size: A2
Available from our Big Cartel store

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The mirror crack’d

In what i’m hoping will be my last post of the day we have this slightly odd commission. I’m not entirely sure how the mirror came to broken (i.e. I’m not the one with seven years bad luck!) but as soon as it was brought in for us to evaluate exactly I knew there was something just crying out to be put on there. We could not try and hide the crack as it would then look even worse than it did already so we thought the best thing to do was to highlight it’s imperfections.

The line ‘the mirror crack’d’ was floating around in my head and it turns out ‘The mirror crack’d from side to side‘ is the name of an Agatha Christie book starring the unflappable amateur sleuth Miss Marple but she originally got the line from a poem by Lord Tennyson called The Lady of Shallot and it seemed to fit perfectly:

“Out flew the web and floated wide

the mirror crack’d from side to side”

Once we’d found a suitable font, cut a couple of stencils and also got a couple of lightly glittered arrows on there to really put all the attention on the crack we realised that we had job done and to do any more would risk ruining it so we decided it was time to down tools. I’m particularly happy with the result as i managed to restrain myself before adding more and in hindsight it just fits perfectly. One more happy punter taken care of…

For reasons that are hopefully completely apparent it’s pretty tricky to photograph a mirror whilst: a) trying to make the mirror look relatively normal shaped b) trying not to get yourself or any other objects that just attract the eye in shot c) trying to highlight the big crack running across the mirror and the text either side of it. Now whilst i’m certainly not saying that Duffy, Donovan or Bailey couldn’t do better I think I did a pretty reasonable job considering my usual level of skill with a camera.



detail shot

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