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Looking good, feeling good and talking good stuff

You know those rare occasions when you’re on tip top form and nothing can possibly stand in your way? You may even be in just your underwear like our celebrant.

Well, we thought we’d try and impart that feeling of ‘looking good, feeling good and talking fun stuff’ into as many people as possible with this placement. A bus stop seemed as good a place as any. If it brings just one smile to one face then I figure we’ve won. I can’t imagine this one will last very long in situ however…




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Give me a London girl every time

Give me a London girl every time (front)

Give me a London girl every time (back)

As Chas n Dave sang in their 1983 song ‘London Girls’:

Give me a London girl every time,
I’ve gotta find one I’ve made up my mind

This particular specimen of London female appears to be from somewhere near Kennington and despite the fact she’s green, has grey hair and a red nose you can see she’s got music in her eyes. What more could a man want?

I came across this little beauty during a little tidy up. She was tucked down the side of a portfolio and was actually created a short while ago and we somehow managed to neglect her – until now! It’s on a section of a 1980’s South London bus timetable and was created using the magic of stencils and screen printing. It’s an eminently frameable 15 x 20 cm in size and is now on eBay. It’s even got our id-iom stamp of approval screen printed on the back so you can relax safe in the knowledge it’s an authentic id-iom product.

Give me a London girl every time – ebay link



Size: 15 x 20cm
Materials: spraypaint, stencils and screen print on 80’s bus timetable. With screen printed id-iom stamp on the back.
Available – now on eBay

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Nocturnal manoeuvers in Brixton

Nocturnal manoeuvers in Brixton

The night bus. For some people merely the mention of getting the night bus is enough for them to break out in a cold sweat. For these girls however it holds the key to the city. They’ve been bumping and grinding at various locations in and around Brixton and the night bus is like a private chauffeur service that is always ready to whisk them away to the next party. It looks like butter couldn’t melt in their mouths but, be warned, they’ve been pulling these nocturnal manoeuvers in Brixton for long enough that you should be more worried about yourself. It can be dodgy out after dark…

She’s about 49 x 47cm in size and has been completed on a 1980’s night bus map for the Brixton area. She has been completed using the magic of screen printing, paint pens, spraypaint and stencils. Signed on reverse and complete with our id-iom stamp of approval.



Title: Nocturnal manoeuvers in Brixton

Materials: Screen print, paint pen, spraypaint and stencils

Size: A2

Please email if interested

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Night Rider

Night Rider

As I live in Brixton I was particularly happy to come across a bus timetable from the 80’s for the Brixton area which I used for the background for this piece.

The ethereal looking lady with music in her eyes just seemed to fit perfectly over the night bus timetable like some half forgotten memory recalled on the bus home. Much like many of my nights out really…



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All going well?

Just a little human resource activation message. From the Big Draw 2008 at UCL.



Big Draw 2008

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