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When I was young all I ever wanted was to be the proud owner of the best butterflarium in town. Then someone burst my bubble and said that there’s no such thing as a ‘butterflarium’ and it’s called a ‘butterfly house’. After doing my research it’s also called a ‘lepidopterarium’. Well, they missed out on a trick there, that’s for sure. 

From here on I have a mission. And that is to bring the word ‘butterflarium’ into common usage. You heard it here first. And when you get to go and visit a butterflarium at some point in the not too distant future, you will sagely rub your chin and think that your foray into neologism has been instrumental in promoting this exciting new word into the English lexicon. Go forth and spread the word…

This particular flutterbye was created using the magic of acrylic, paint pen and pastel on18 x 21 cm size paper and was a little bonus for a customer ‘cos we’re nice like that. 




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From the cradle to the grave

From the cradle to the grave‘ is an idiom. We are called ‘id-iom’. Therefore it is a good name. This is our latest bevy of hand-finished beauties which we offer for your perusal. Featuring  a screenprinted level, some watercolour, a little spraypaint and a dab of acrylic these are sure to add a dash of colour to any wall.



Title: From The Cradle To The Grave

Media: Screenprint, acrylic, watercolour and spraypaint

Size: A3

£40 each

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Butterflies and Sunflowers

We were asked if we would come up with some sunflowers, butterflies and birds in order to brighten up an otherwise fairly gloomy corridor. They already had some fading and peeling sunflower decals on the wall and decided to upgrade to a more permanent version so we got to work and threw in a load of butterflies and birds just for good measure.



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