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Life’s priorities

Life's priorities

Life’s priorities

Now look at this chap. He finishes school with a head full of dreams, has a last great summer being a teenager and then it’s off he goes to university to further broaden his mind and realise his ambitions. Some time after this he gets his first job and then it’s all downhill from there. The dreams he once had lay shattered around him.┬áNo longer is he the caring, loving creature he once was. He now lives for the weekends and is a steaming drink-fuelled monster who’s only objective is to get drunk beyond all European union health & safety guidelines and chase unsuspecting females around. Notice too that this poor creature no longer even cares for his own genital safety due to the fact that his (probably unwashed) Calvin Klein underpants have been unceremoniously pulled over his head to create a 2012 version of Dexy’s dungarees (from Dexys Midnight Runners).




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