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I told you our squirrels were trouble…

I told you our squirrels were trouble...

I’ve mentioned the squirrels around here before. They’ve even been in the newspapers – and here’s a little coverage from The Guardian to prove it! Anyway, believe me when I say they are bad. Real trouble. So there I was walking through the park when I get the feeling I’m being watched. I cast a furtive eye over the benches near me when I see him sat there, just staring at me and emitting a low guttural noise that doesn’t sound very friendly at all. A second glance reveals the empty cans and cigarette (or joint – who knows?) As I quicken my step I chance once last glance behind me and he seems to be chuckling to himself with an evil glint in his eyes. Making my way home apace I could have sworn I could hear rustling sounds behind me but couldn’t see anything. I just concentrated on finding my keys…

At least he hadn’t been on the crack. They are always worse. I’m not sure if I’ll be walking that way again…



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Blown away

I don’t think this chap looks all that upset seeing as he’s just been shot in the chest. But don’t worry. He’s an actor. Nobody was injured in the making of this piece. It’s all done with explosive squibs and fake blood. It just looks eerily convincing. What seems to be going through his mind, once again, is kittens, guns and bombs…



Title: Blown Away

Media: Screenprint, spraypaint and stencils

Size: 46 x 31 cm slate


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Fool come save me (video)

After much fiddling with the footage, soundtrack and editing software i finally have something to present… Ladies and gentlemen our newest video ‘Fool come save me’!

As the spot we were painting/filming wasn’t very well lit i have had to brighten the footage considerably which has led to a degradation of quality but i suppose that’s just one of the trade-off’s i’ve had to make with this little video. I’m particularly pleased with the soundtrack and how we’ve pretty much got it synced with the footage. It definitely looks better in person and if you are ever in Paignton you should head upstairs at the Lighthouse and check it out.



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Fool come save me – Painting in Paignton

Panoramic photo of Paignton harbour in Devon.

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We headed down to Paignton in Devon on the weekend to assist with the redecoration of a venue called the Lighthouse. After a busy day’s stencil cutting on Friday it was an early start (for a Saturday) and a 4 hour drive to the English Riviera. We arrived in Paignton at 12.30 to an overcast sky and a healthy seaside wind. Thankfully there was enough space to paint inside as i didn’t fancy our chances with a massive stencil and one of my arms in a cast with the wind driving off the sea.


We managed to get one large piece done called ‘Fool come save me’ (she measures about 6ft x 5ft) and numerous smaller bits done. It’s always good to catch up with various people and make some new friends – especially easy when you have disco bag on hand to help out with some tunes.


After getting our work finished we decided to get some fish and chips for dinner and then have a couple of drinks on Paignton seafront (yes, i did feel like i was 17 again) before too long we got moved on by the police (again feeling very much like i was seventeen again) and we then spent an hour or two drinking by the harbour, pictured above (as apparently this was allowed whereas drinking on the seafront wasn’t) before moving indoors at a local hostelry and then back to the Lighthouse for some after hours fun. All in all a great weekend away.


Hopefully a little video will be forthcoming once i manage to stick something together… Watch this space!












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