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Box it off

Box it off Box it off

Once, when I was child, I had a box. It wasn’t a fancy box but it was special to me. I put all my toys and favourite objects in there to keep them safe. Which would be all well and good except that I had a big brother. One day I went to pull some special item from the box only to find it wasn’t there. After a bit of frantic searching it was nowhere to be found. Unsurprisingly it had been taken hostage and hidden away. As it was I knew a few little secrets of my own so kidnapped some precious stuff that belonged to my brother and we eventually had a trade-off situation. I eventually got my box and its contents back but I learned two things that day┬áthan can be expressed in common sayings. One is ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ and the other is ‘know where all the bodies are buried’. Here ends the parable of the box.

In case you can’t tell the spurious link to today’s picture is the fact that the face is made of boxes. And that is that.

Bonus fact for the day – The first commercial paperboard (not corrugated) box was produced in England in 1817. So now you know.




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