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Happy and Happy

Happy and Happy

Happy and Happy

Sometimes you have to go searching for inspiration and sometimes the inspiration comes to you. There I was quietly biding my time whilst waiting for dinner when my housemate pops in to the lounge with a load of scraps of coloured paper from a project she was doing with some children. That was enough to get the muse engaged. Bored with painting in the traditional sense I decided to get out the PVA, the scraps of craft paper and some cardboard and go a little off piste for the day. ‘Happy and Happy’ is the result.

Now, Arthur (for that is his name) might look like he’s just done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson but that’s just makeup as he was at Carnival all weekend and hasn’t been to bed yet. He’s currently very happy with it all. Although I’m not sure how he’ll be feeling later…




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