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Johnny Omicron

We’re easily sidetracked, it appears. One half of id-iom had ventured out into the cold to scrape and blank out our previous wall as the weather was just about sunny enough. After an hour or so out there I head out to see how he’s getting on and rather than paint over the previous wall he’d decided to adapt it into something else entirely. Then I got involved. Then it got dark and we had to come back the next day to finish what we were doing. And it’s still not ready to be painted on again. Like I said, easily sidetracked. 

Anyway, if at first glance you thought this was 90’s cartoon legend Johnny Bravo then you’d be very much mistaken. For this is his second cousin twice removed Johnny Omicron. He’s twice as chatty but half as much fun. Now he’s got to go. The wall will be blanked out…




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Kate here has been a bit depressed for the last few months. For the past 36 years (from the age of 10) she has been a world authority on the short-lived media franchise that was M.A.S.K. For the uninitiated, M.A.S.K was much like Transformers in so far that they were both an animated series and toy line. They even both featured transforming vehicles. And were also both keen marketing ploy’s by Kenner and Hasbro respectively. 

Anyway, Kate is sad because until May this year she was living the impossible dream. M.A.S.K was, much like Transformers, due to hit the big screen and have a resurgence of interest. She’d even got  a segment of the lyrics to the theme song tattooed on her buttock – ‘No one knows what lies behind the masquerades!’ – but then came the sad news that the project was getting shelved again. S.A.D.

To this day Kate wears her M.A.S.K branded eye mask to honour her heroes and dream of the movie franchise that is surely to be…

She’s on A4 made using watercolour, ink, acrylic, paint pen and pencil. Drop us a line if you’d like her on your wall…



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Oswald the Unlucky Rabbit

Whilst i’m in a slightly fuzzy Disney state of mind I thought that i may as well drop another little cartoon based creation. Whilst snooping around online for our DUCK! piece we came across the fact that Mickey Mouse was created as a replacement for an earlier charactler called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit who has been in some kind of animated character limbo since the late 40’s (although now is apparently having something a resurgence after those crazy kids in Japan took him to heart). Quite why Oswald seems to have been relegated to the scrap pile whilst Mickey seems to enjoy something akin to eternal life i’m not so sure. Either way he certainly doesn’t seem to be the luckiest rabbit in world…

In fact, whilst i’m on the subject – why on earth are rabbit’s feet considered lucky? I’ve just looked online and it would seem the practice is commonplace the world over and has been so since at least 600BC! Apparently they could be considered as some kind of rite of passage for young hunters. It certainly doesn’t seem so lucky for the cute little rabbits though!



Title: Oswald the Unlucky Rabbit
Media: Spraypaint, acylic and paint pen
Size: A2


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