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Phil Collins – No Context Required

Another day, another Phil Collins inspired piece. Today’s out of context quote from Phil is him bemoaning his success and potential overexposure in his heyday in the 80’s and realising how it could lead to something of a backlash. I’ve juxtaposed his quote with a bodybuilder with a cat’s head. Mainly because I can but also because it removes the quote so far from context that it takes it to another dimension all together – which appeals to me hugely. Once you’ve liberally sprinkled a few pilfered logos in and given it a yellow and grey background then you’ve got another successful ‘No context required’ piece.

It’s laser engraved on wood then hand painted and stands proud at 39 x 26cm. Drop us a line if you’re interested…




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According to the first website I looked at cats have been domesticated for 10,000 years. The modern domestic cat is apparently descended from a wild ancestor called Felis silvestris lybica and all 600 million housecats in the world can be traced back to five females of this species. Now I’m not sure how accurate this information is so don’t go quoting me especially when I wouldn’t even consider cats to be domesticated. They surely allow us to cohabit with them in return for food and shelter. It sounds a bit more like they’ve domesticated us. Anyway, today’s laser cut was produced as a little memento for a friend. Hand painting these suckers is surprisingly tricky but I got there in the end. And I even got a decent shot of it to boot.



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Why my cat is sad…

My cat is sad because I had to swap her for a woodend stunt cat as she wouldn’t sit still long enough for my highly amusing photo shoot featuring a cardboard lion. Now she just stares listlessly out of the window thinking about the time she almost became a bigger internet star than Maru; the cat who will attempt to sit in any size box. Her sadness is compounded by fact that was irked by my repeating the mantra ‘big cat little cat cardboard box’ whilst setting up the shot and now she can’t get it out of her head.



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#Catselfie – Collaboration between id-iom and Sir George Raggett

#Catselfie - Collaboration between id-iom and Sir George Raggett #Catselfie – Collaboration between id-iom and Sir George Raggett

You might not think of a cat as being a narcissistic hipster but believe me when I tell you that they are. Whenever I leave my phone in the front room overnight I wake to find literally dozens of pictures of my cat hanging out with a few friends in my photo gallery. I’ve never woken to find them in my house yet every picture is taken either in the front room or, more frighteningly, in my bedroom. Whilst I’m asleep. There is some evidence they’ve been uploading them to instagram and twitter too but i’m too scared to check exactly what they’ve been up to. Be warned.

This is the second of three collaborations we’ve done with the ever affable Sir George Raggett. If you haven’t seen his stuff before go check it out. I think you’ll agree he has a superb cheeky irreverent style that you’ll just fall in love with.



Title: #Catselfie – Collaboration between id-iom and Sir George Raggett
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, spray paint, water colour and charcoal
Size: A3

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id-iom vs cats

Cats have had it their own way for a long time and are also perhaps some of the laziest animals ever to grace our undoubtedly beautiful planet. How they have come to dominate a position at the top of the food chain whilst being quite so lazy is somewhat hard to fathom. Perhaps it is our uniquely human view on what would otherwise be considered a dangerous pest. They have come to dominate us so completely that the top favourite thing for humans to look at on one of our greatest creations – the internet – is images and video’s of cats doing normal feline stuff. Pictures of cats it would seem are, to humans, like catnip is to cats. We seemingly cannot resist them and this makes them undisputed kings of the internet.

So, here at id-iom we thought it was high time we took them on and broke the internet with an id-iom cat picture. Before any smart alec’s point out it has no tail I have, of course, made it a Manx cat as I have one of the little blighters myself. Let the chaos commence!



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Living in a world where everybody hears but nobody’s listening

Living in a world where everybody hears but nobody’s listening – on tube

One of the contradictions of living in today’s frenetically paced, socially connected world is that there are so many effective means to make yourself heard and so many millions of potential people to hear it that it’s hard to believe your profound statements regarding your dinner or the customer service department of whatever business you’re dealing with won’t be the talk of the nation. But they won’t. Unless you’re a celebrity however, then the opposite holds true and any crumb of information, no matter how trivial, is devoured like manna from heaven and shared around other eager acolytes. But you’re never going to reach those heady heights.

Instead, you will be resolutely ignored. Which is why I thought the humble house cat was a good graphical representation of this. It can surely hear you (unless it’s deaf) but will pay scant attention unless there’s an offer of food on the table. Quite what i’m trying to say here is not entirely clear, even to me, but I’ll leave it all in your capable hands to decipher…

As an aside we really took this one next level as we didn’t even put it on the tube ourselves. This was deposited by one of our street team. You know you’ve made it when you don’t even have to do it yourself. Cheers Leander!



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We come in peace…

‘We come in peace, shoot to kill!’. Lines immortalised by ‘Captain Kirk’ in the Firm’s 1987 hit ‘Startrekkin’. Now, whilst that song has thankfully been swallowed by the sands of time the sentiment expressed in those lines is still very much alive and well. It’s cats. They think like that.

Cats are inscrutable little suckers. Even at the best of times there’s just no telling what they’re thinking. When you think they’re being friendly they’re probably just demanding food or threatening to kill you. And if ever they do get opposable thumbs then we’re probably in for some serious trouble. I, for one, welcome our new cat overlords…



Title: We come in peace…
Materials: Spray paint, stencils, paint pen and watercolour paint on a section of map
Size: 50 x 45cm
Please email if interested

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