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Disco Queen

A friend got in touch asking if there was anything we could think of by way of promotional ideas to assist with raising the profile of his fledgeling charity clothing label Disco Queen. Immediately I suggested stickers as a potential way to raise a little interest. Then I saw their logo and decided a neon wall version would be a good idea. 

Why I’m not quite sure as we’ve never attempted it before. But since when has that stopped us before?  It’s definitely not as easy as I first hoped but with a little work I’m pretty happy with the end result. 

Now we’ve got the logo in front of your eyeballs that’ll hopefully lead you to investigate further. Check @ladiscoqueen on Instagram for more…




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Background Bob and Id-iom collaboration 064.2 – I am indeed a king

We here at id-iom love a good collaboration, we’re doing it pretty much every time we make a piece. We especially like it though when it is with someone else and today we have Background Bob (aka Noah).

We were asked along with a load of other artists to paint on some bits of cardboard that Noah had already done his magic on. All we needed to do was come up with something suitable.

Now all the pieces are up for grabs on Ebay and if that isn’t enough all of the proceeds will support East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Funds. After having a peek at ours why don’t you type in ‘Background Bob in to Ebay and see everyone else’s pieces and if you are feeling particularly fruity you can even throw in a bid or two. 


From Background Bob:

“Noah (aka Background Bob) is 12 years old and has hydrocephalous, cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Despite all this he is a very happy, smiley, cheeky young lad who loves to paint.

The project started with background bob painting some abstract backgrounds on cardboard, and then we reached out to artists via social media to come and collaborate with him.

The response was huge! Over the next 4 months we sent out and received back a massive 240+ artworks back from artists from all genres and from all over the world.

We followed up on the success by producing a beautifully put together book containing all the collaborations. So far to date our book has made a whopping £18,000 profit, which has already been donated to Colchester and Ipswich hospitals charity, and in particular towards the children’s ward at Colchester hospital, as a huge thank you for all the support and care Noah has received from them. Our book is also available via ebay, so why not buy the book to accompany your artwork?

The project grew and grew, got huge media coverage including The One Show, BBC Website news, Sunday morning Live, as well as numerous online and local press articles in this country and abroad.

The whole collection was then exhibited at Firstsite gallery in Colchester

You are bidding on a unique original piece of the @background_bob project.

All artworks are original one off pieces. The mediums used vary vastly from spray paint, screen prints, acrylic, oils, collage and even embroidery. There is something for everyone.

All artworks are painted on hand cut recycled cardboard. Due to this, some have wonky edges, creases and tears, which all add to the artwork. The sizes are approx. 20cm x 28cm, which is slightly smaller than A4. All pieces are signed by the collaborating artists either on the front or back. Some backgrounds also have personal messages to background bob on the back

Artwork will be sent securely packed, and signed for.

100% of all proceeds will be going to Colchester and Ipswich hospital charity, so bid high and help us make a real difference. Happy Bidding!!

We will do our best to get your artwork to you as quickly as possible, but please be patient and expect possible delays during these strange times are all experiencing. Stay safe!

Please give us a follow over on Instagram @background_bob as see what we get up to next…”

Good luck and happy bidding!



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LFB Charity Ladder Climb

Here at id-iom HQ we are civic-minded souls and so when one of our plucky firemen gets in touch and asks for a bit of design for a charity event they’re doing then we’re only too happy to help. We were a little constrained with the design but they wanted something bold that could be printed up as a large banner and got their point across pretty clearly. And this is what we’ve ended up with. They’ll be doing the event this Saturday 28th September from 12-5 at the Business Design Centre in Islington so if you’re in the area drop by and show them some support.

As it goes we’ve got form for doing some fireman designs as we designed some t-shirts for the brave boys and girls who keep us safe from the fiery menace previously. As a reward we went down to the fire station and they showed us round. Winnner!



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The Band in Hand

The Band in Hand

The Band in Hand

The Band in Hand

The Band in Hand

As regular visitors to our local pub we were asked if we would do a painting for a charity night that they were holding for a bunch of childrens charities. As it was for those pesky kids we thought we’d better get involved. The pub is called ‘The Hand in Hand’ and the day in question was to be called ‘The Band in Hand’ – you can see what they’ve done there can’t you? – as there was to be a day of live music and general frivolity (including none other than the dog from the Go Compare ads. You can imagine the excitement was palpable.)

Anyway, as is usual for us, we left it to the last minute so whipped up a couple of designs and then decided on the tried and tested pretty girl routine. It was due to be auctioned on the night so we thought we’d make it as saleable as possible. As we were doing this on a huge bit of board we thought that most punters would probably be a bit put off by it’s size and so also did an A2 paper version (which we failed to get a photo of. D’oh!) Thankfully they both sold so at least we made a decent contribution to the day.



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id-iom v Arsenal video (at last!)

Outside the Emirates Stadium.

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As avid readers of our blog will know we have already covered our work up at Emirates Stadium for Arsenal(see here) but i have finally managed to create a short video of the Centrepoint logo we were commissioned to produce.

After so many failed attempts to turn our raw footage into an edited video that it is completely laughable i have finally managed to produce one very sub-standard video for your viewing pleasure. I realise that it’s probably not the most fantastic bit of video you have ever seen but i think i’m finally getting the hang of the video editing software we’ve got. It takes ages to crunch the HD video we shot and hopefully my next attempt will be somewhat jazzier although only time will tell. I should have proabably cut some of the footage out but that will have to wait until i’ve mastered the trim function – which could well take some time so you’ll have to bear with me…



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