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Trust Issues

From time to time we all wonder who we can trust and who we can’t and this guy is caught in the middle of such a dilemma. As you can see though he’s erring on the side of trusting no one and that’s hardly surprising considering that he just caught his girlfriend in bed with another man and woman in what most would call a ménage à trois or, more specifically, a ‘369’.

To say he was a little upset is quite an understatement as he and his now ex were meant to be seeing his parents for the first time a few days later for brunch. After finding his now ex in such a compromising position he decided to scream some obscenities at all of them (which i can’t repeat here) and get the hell out of Dodge. This is where we came in  as he turned up on the door of our studio with a bottle of vodka and a ton of beers in hand. Although it was only 10 in the morning at this point we decided the only course of action was to help him drown his sorrows. Half way through this monumental piss up we asked if we could paint him and to our surprise he said yes. Now i know he doesn’t look that sad in the picture but by this time we’d already been back to the shop twice to pick up more booze and had pretty much forgotten why we were all there drinking anyway.



Title: Trust Issues
Materials: Acrylic, paint pen, spray paint and charcoal
Size: A2
Please email if interested


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