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Free Art Friday. On a Monday. Are you mad?

On the street. On a Friday.

Whatever next? Sundays on a Wednesday? Breathe easy folks – we may be daft but we aren’t crazy. This was, in fact, put on the street and photographed on Friday but we’ve had a few gremlins interfering with the weekend works schedule and have only been able to get it on today.

We have already done a slate version of this as a get-well-soon gift for a friend but thought that a cardboard version for the street would be good too. I’m still quite proud of my ‘Nobody understands M.E’ line (given that M.E. or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as it’s also known is still largely a mystery to medical science). Good luck to her and I hope she finds a happy home. And that’s that.




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Noboby understands M.E…

Nobody understands M.E...

We have a friend who is suffering from M.E. (or, apparently, CFS depending on which acronym you prefer) and who is currently in a self-imposed exile in order to allow him time for some deep meditation in the hopes of getting himself back on track. So being the sensitive artists-about-town that we are we thought we’d make him a little something to hopefully brighten his day somewhat.

After some deliberation it was decided that a piece on slate featuring a sexy lady (a favourite subject of his) and a witty bit of text (Noboby understands M.E. – geddit?) would probably be appropriate. So after a little spraypaint, stencil work and some screen printing we were ready to go on a mission. As he’s not entirely up for frivolous visitors at the moment we thought it best to do our team ninja impression and sneak up to his house undetected and leave it on his doorstep for him to find at his own convenience. Hopefully we’ll find out what he thinks of it soon enough…

Get well soon big guy!



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