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Fortune favours the brave!

Fortune - Ooh la la a lady's lovely legs!

Fortune wall

Fortune wall

Fortune entrance

Fortune - peep hole!

Fortune favours the brave!

A little bird told me Fortune is this way...

There we were painting the corridor downstairs at Seven @ Brixton when the owners of the imminently opening little boutique upstairs called ‘Fortune‘ asked us if we could paint a little something for them as well to brighten up their small-but-perfectly-formed shop. We didn’t have much time (less than 24 hours!) but as we have come to learn we work pretty well under pressure so of course we said ‘yes!’ and jumped right at it.

Fortune is a contemporary and vintage ladies boutique so the design needed to have that feminine touch. As the shop isn’t open full time they decided to put a peep-hole in the door so you could have a peek in whilst they were closed. We loved the idea of that so donned our thinking caps and decided that a pair of oversized lady’s legs reaching from floor to ceiling would look great through the peep-hole. We also put some stencils on the outside of the door to encourage people to look in and brightened up the wall they have most of their product on with some colour and a few freshly cut stencils. Finally we thought we’d best get some lucky black cats in there too. Just to make sure. After some feverish work and a little swearing it was ‘job done’ just in time for them to get their stuff back up on the walls and have their opening!



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Summer’s last hurrah!

I just wanna be some guy's midlife crisis

Cat in tank jumper

Just typical isn’t it? There I was last week thinking that winter is definitely on the way and then as soon as i print up a couple of jumpers we (obviously) get freakishly hot weather. I suppose i shouldn’t complain as it has felt like being on a mediterranean holiday for the last few days. London has been awash with people taking advantage of what is undoubtedly our last spot of good weather for the year. At least it made our lovely model happy and taking the photo’s was easy experience – although it was perhaps a trifle warm…

First up we have a lovely white virginal jumper with the legend ‘I just wanna be some guy’s midlife crisis‘  – a lovely sentiment i’m sure you’ll agree – and just perfect for the honest young lady about town. Then we have a cool blue little number with a somewhat cute looking kitten in a cat-size tank. Perfect for the discerning young lady to wear on the winter days which will be with us far too quickly…



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id-iom clothing

We have a screenprinter and aren’t afraid to use it. Well, that’s not entirely true as we can’t currently use it as we don’t have enough space to get it out – which is a real shame. I do love to do a bit of screenprinting but we haven’t had our equipment out for a while due to our last ‘studio space’ getting redeveloped (i would have used the correct term – stables – but that just doesn’t have the right gravitas!)

We had a great day out shooting the shots below around South London. Many thank to everyone involved! Some of these t’s are even still available! Plenty more will become available once i manage to get the screenprinter set up again. Watch this space…






Follow the link here or click on any of the pictures above to see pics of our some of our clothing on flickr

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