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Get the London look…

According to a December 2016 Telegraph article London is the cocaine capital of Europe – but only during the week. Apparently we come second to Antwerp when you add in weekend usage. It seems we like to lay off a bit on the week as we’ve been hitting it a bit hard during the week. Go figure.

Anyway that allows me to segue nicely into today’s piece featuring a young lady doing her bit to get us back to top place. It’s laser cut on wood then hand painted and features Revlon’s snappy marketing line that fits so nicely and a little snippet from Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s ‘White Lines’. Once you’ve added a bit of crystal resin with some diamond dust glitter in then you’re good to go with another certified id-iom piece.

She’d look great once framed. Drop us a line if you’re interested.




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Badvertising – Taste the feeling

It’s funny how many advertising slogans can be applied to the murky world of drugs. For today’s instalment in a series we’re imaginatively calling ‘badvertising’ we’ve gone for Coke Zero and the classic ‘Taste the feeling’ tagline. We could have just have easily used ‘real Coke taste and zero calories’ but preferred the classic tagline as it’s a little more descriptive.

Anyway, today’s piece is on my current canvas of choice, namely wood, and using my current favoured technique of laser engraving. Plus, just a little bit of white paint pen just to accentuate the obvious. Drop us a line if you’re interested…



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I wasn’t cheating in the toilet…

I wasn't cheating in the toilet...

Jeremy Kyle really does have a lot to answer for. If you are somehow unfamiliar with Jeremy and his fantastic show he’s basically a down-market (is that possible?) and very angry Jerry Springer. I’ve included a short video below to give you a little taster:


Anyway now that we are on the same page you can add this artwork to the burgeoning list of crimes he’s responsible for. The text comes directly from a tagline from one of his shows and was just too good not to be enshrined in a more permanent form. Obviously, I never actually watch Jeremy Kyle. It just happened to be on in the background…



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Cocaine by Kate Moss

Get that London look! There’s nothing quite like mocking troubled celebrities. It just makes me feel warm inside. I just wonder how long it will be before we see products such as this on the shelves? Surely it’s not going to be too long before we have the Kate Moss Autograph Collection available to purchase for all those of legal age. And don’t forget this imported Bolivian flake is of course, fair trade! All the more reason to purchase…

We already have George Michael skunk joints available  and Peter Doherty Heroin coming soon!



(see our flickr page for larger images)

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Relentless (in the pursuit of pleasure)

Hedonism: devotion to pleasure, especially to the pleasures of the senses. This was pretty much our inspiration for this piece that we got done a while back. This was a 1m x 1m commission that we completed for a client who works in the music industry. After he completed our questionnaire it was pretty much the only way forward. One of my favourite touches is the big pile of glitter the fella is about to snort…




Title: Relentless

Media: Acrylics, marker pen & glitter

Size: 1m x 1m

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This is your canvas on drugs

I’m not sure how many people will remember the ‘This is your brain on drugs‘ anti-drugs campaign that was part of America’s War on Drugs campaign and was widespread on American TV in the 80’s but that was pretty much my inspiration for this piece.

Come on kids – see if you can work out how many drug reference I managed to get into the bottom part! That is if your brains aren’t scrambled from all the high powered skunk you’ve been smoking!



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