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Celebrity Quote – Chris Martin

It’s been a long while since we’ve delved into the murky world of celebrity quotes. Today we’ve got Coldplay front man Chris Martin with, what I think we can all agree, is a pretty odd quote. 

It  both shows his awareness of his popularity with a certain segment of the population whilst simultaneously showing disdain for the other part of the population that would like to shake him by the hand – assumably for bringing his music to the world rather than because they have a taser concealed in their palm. Gloves or helmet? What a modern dilemma. Who knows? If I were you Chris I’d go belt and braces and wear them both…




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Chris, I think I’d recommend the helmet option…

Sometimes, when I’m feeling a little low I play ‘clocks’, ‘the scientist’ and ‘yellow’ all at the same time, on constant repeat and with increasing volume until I feel that I am actually Chris Martin. It’s such an amazing feeling to consciously uncouple from yourself and hitch your trailer to Mr Martin’s consciousness. Truly mind blowing. Only joking. I can’t imagine what kind of tat you’d find floating around inside his bonce. You’d be experiencing some serious cognitive dissonance that’s for sure.

Anyway it’s been a good long while since we’ve done any celebrity quotes and I just couldn’t resist  doing a new one when I saw this quote from Coldplay’s sassy frontman. I think I’d safely recommend the helmet option for him. Probably safer that way. Now I’ve just got to think of somewhere fitting that I can deposit it on the street. Drop us a line if you’ve got a good idea…



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U2 and Coldplay headline Glastonbury 2011

I’ve been to Glastonbury every available year since 1999 and thoroughly enjoyed myself every time – come rain or shine. I’m sure this year will be no exception (and I hope the weather will be as nice as last year) but I think this piece sums up my reaction to the news that U2 and Coldplay will be headlining. I’m somewhat ashamed to say that i have seen Coldplay before (at Glastonbury when i was in no fit state to traverse between stages) and suffice to say I will not be making the same mistake twice. I reckon I will however be seeing exactly what Beyonce has to offer…

My (non-musical) highlight from last year would have to be trading consumables on the Monday afternoon at the Stone Circle – what fun and merriment there was to be had! At least the choice of headliners has provided me with some ideas for a little bit of on site ‘street’ work. Keep your eyes peeled!



Title: U2 and Coldplay headline Glastonbury 2011

Media: Screenprint and spraypaint

Size: 40 x 28 cm piece of Slate


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