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The Badger Mural (id-iom @ The Perky Nel)

It’s not like team id-iom needs much in the way of reasons to head to the pub so when we got the call from a new pub, The Perky Nel, in Clapham South (on the site of the now deceased Gigalum and Oblivion bars) to say they needed some inspired interior design to brighten up an area by the kitchens we were happy to oblige. 

After a bit of toing and froing we finally had an agreed design bringing a bold nature inspired heart design to the area around the serving hatch. Featuring flowers, badgers and an SW4 banner it’s a little ode to the Common. Although how many badgers are still knocking about in there is anyone’s guess…



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Something a bit more Formal

Capitalist lapdogs that we are we sometimes choose to work for actual money rather than the superior feeling that comes from being part of a wildly successful artistic team or , of course, ‘exposure’. As a case in point here’s a building company logo sprayed on the hoardings surrounding their site in an effort to deter graffiti artists from desecrating the boards. The irony is not lost on me.



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mac commission small

After our last release of pics from our Big Cartel page someone got in touch and asked if the little image we used at the top of the page was available as a picture. Never one to turn a fun commission down we agreed to make it reality and here we have the character known only as ‘masthead’. His past is unknown and his future is unwritten. Presently though he’s having a quite pint whilst waiting for a mysterious friend to turn up. That’s all I can say for now…

When he gets back he’s heralding our month on new releases on our Big Cartel page. There’s a whole host of brand new stuff that’s all at the bargain price of £35 (plus postage). Head on down and check it out…

Unfortunately Masthead is not available from id-iom big cartel as this was a commission.



Title: Masthead
Materials: Paint pen, pencil and charcoal
Size: A4

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Helloooo! Is this line working?

Commissions can sometimes be a lot of fun. For this one we were asked to create something for an IT & communications company called Qualitas that will be going in their foyer of their offices. That meant nothing too risque although we wanted to have a little humour in there so eventually we came up with a design we liked using the tin can telephone and then having their company name in the string. We’ll hopefully get a pic of it in situ once we can do…



Title: Helloooo!! Is this line working?

Media: Watercolour, paint pen, acrylic and spraypaint

Size: 1 x 1 m

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