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Charlie Montague-Smyth – Lil’ M.P.

After watching pretty much the entire House of Commons engage themselves in a seemingly endless imbroglio over how much they could fiddle their expenses without it seeming too greedy/criminal I thought i would come up with a little something to celebrate the whole sordid scenario. After i completed the first one I realised that I had given him a red bow-tie which would possibly make it seem I was singling out the Labour party for humiliation. This is not the case as they are all seem to be as bad as each other so it thought it only fair to come up with a Conservative variant.

My little coup de grace was the ‘approved by the fees office’ which is harking back to the time when comics would bear the ‘approved by the comics code authority’ after the 1950’s when comics were cleaned up due to too much violence and the like.



Lil’ MP – Labour edition (A3 size)

Lil’ MP – Conservative edition (A3 size)


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