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I’m lovin’ it

It’s funny what happens when you dive head first into the internet rabbit hole. There I was quietly reading a very important document on the completely-above-board verifiedfacts.org entiteld ‘The truth about Brad Pitt and MDMA’ when I came across this shocking sentence ‘Wall Street has all but confirmed that they have rigged the markets according to instructions from Facebook, which has been under secret leadership by Brad Pitt for over 2 years now.’ 2 years? More like 5 years! Get with the program verifiedfacts.org!

Anyway, to celebrate his 5 years of secret Facebook leadership – along with the fact that he created MDMA and now owns McDonald’s (which is actually just the retail arm of his MDMA organisation!) – here’s a picture of Brad Pitt ‘lovin’ it’ whilst wearing his MDMA goggles and lounging under an E/McDonald’s sign. Brad comes lasercut in wood and has then been lovingly hand painted and he’s conveniently ‘tablet’ sized at about 24 x16cm.¬†Perhaps I need a snooze…





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