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Lachrymose Mike

To say this guy is a little maudlin is probably the understatement of the year so far. The confluence of a great number of things have contributed to this feeling but, just to recap, the main things are: that he recently lost his girlfriend to a tatty Teddy Ruxpin talking teddy bear from 1985 which she claims can better provide for her financial and emotional well-being than he ever could, that his job was given to a AI computer programme built by a 6 year old using an old Commodore 64 he found in his parents garage, that misery was heaped on misfortune for this unfortunate soul when a freak accident involving a packet of Rolo’s and an elastic band caused him to lose all his hair overnight. It’s not all bad though. At least he’s got all those shares in Toys’R’Us…

It is A4 in size and made using the magic of acrylic, paint pen, pastel and charcoal.




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The first casualty of graffiti is innocence (a.k.a. Cliff was visibly upset – the video)

We have already put the still photo of ‘Cliff was visibly upset…’ up but now, after a little tinkering with our Super 8 footage, we have the pleasure of bringing you the moving picture version. If you’re not satisfied – you can have your 1 minute 55 back!



If, like me, you can clearly remember the first time you watched Oliver Stone’s ‘Platoon‘ then the death of Sgt. Elias (Willem Dafoe) is a pretty emotional scene where Adagio for Strings is playing over footage of a wounded Sgt. Elias trying to escape from the Viet Cong but ultimately getting mowed down in a hail of gunfire. I felt my dramatic fall was entirely reminiscent of this epic scene so felt a small homage would be worthy for inclusion in our humble production.  For my fact of the day I’ve learned that the iconic image of Sgt Elias with his hands in the air is actually a recreation of a famous 1968 war photo by Art Greenspon (as depicted below – and if you can’t remember or haven’t watched the scene from Platoon i’ve included that too!):


The famous scene depicting Elias with his hand...

Image via Wikipedia

Platoon/Greenspon photo




I’ve put plenty of links in today but i’m not entirely sure how many of them will work as many US based websites are shutting down for the day to show solidarity to opposing some potentially far reaching copyright legislation that the US is considering that would make it illegal for any US site to link to any site that has any copyright infringing material. Now, whilst this doesn’t directly affect the UK at the moment you can be sure that we’ll be passing something similar if it gets through over there and, personally, I quite like the internet as it is…



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