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Denis Mugweke

Ever heard of Denis Mugweke? He won the Nobel Peace Prize last week. Denis seems to be a pretty special character. His Wikipedia page makes for interesting but sobering reading.

He’s a Congolese gynecologist who specialises in the treatment of woman who have been gang raped during wartime and has treated well over 30,000 women at his Panzi Hospital in Bukavu. Perhaps unsurprisingly he’s since become the world’s leading expert on the medical treatment of such atrocities.

He’s been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times (and finally got it) and was awarded the Sakharov Prize in 2014 (which honours individuals and groups of people who have dedicated their lives to the defense of human rights and freedom of thought) and survived an assassination attempt in 2012. He lives under the permanent protection of UN peacekeepers at his hospital. Dedication or what?

With such a fine pedigree he seemed someone worthy of an id-iom portrait. So here it is. Laser engraved on wood then lovingly hand painted. This one may have to hit the street somewhere I’m thinking…




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Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping beauty

Sleeping beauty

Whilst the rest of humanity has to deal with the excessive daily troubles of hurricanes, sexual assault, trade negotiations that no one has a clue about or perma-tanned presidents this lovely lady has decided to go to the land of Nod and slumber until some prince or princess has the mettle to wake her up. I’m not entirely sure what type of person that might be but then again I suppose that’s what this sleeping beauty is hoping for, a real hero type. Someone willing to risk it all against the odds and come up smelling of roses. I’m pretty sure she’ll be snoozing for a while but wish her the best of luck.

It’s A5 in size and made using my first ever lino cut



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A message from me to you

Some relationships are destined to run smoothly and some are destined to be somewhat fractious. Here’s a good case in point. These girls have known each other for years but rarely see eye to eye. Here we have Harmony attempting to summarise her argument into a cohesive whole. It would seem from the look on her face that Jen is managing to read the subtle undertones in Harmony’s narrative just about correctly. I dread to think what comes next…

This carefree scene has been lasercut on wood at 39 x 27cm and then lovingly hand painted with a drizzle of crystal resin to finish.




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Anything that kills me makes me feel alive

This guy is an urban vampire. If you know what to look for it’s easy to spot. Bats for hair is the first thing. As we all know, vampires are naturally bald but over time they’ve convinced squadrons of tiny undead bats to cling to their scalps in some semblance of a hairpiece. They tend to have a glamour (or spell) that makes the beasts look just like a well tousled head of hair but if you squint just right you can see the little blighters scrabbling over each other for purchase or occasionally flying off to snatch a nearby fly.

The fact that vampires tend to smoke hemlock cigarettes is another giveaway. With a smell more acrid than burning tyres one hit will kill you in an instant but that doesn’t stop them passing them over for a toke to anyone stupid enough to ask what it is.

Finally, vampires love bling. And not just any one old bling. They believe that ancient gold artifacts posess the power of civilisations now gone. And the mythical Golden Fleece is the most revered of the lot. Here he’s had it spun into an actual fleece so he’ll be able to pass as normal a bit more easily whilst out and about. So there you go. Now you now.

He’s been lasercut on wood at 39 x 27cm and then lovingly hand painted before some gold and silver leaf was added (they love bling remember) and a drizzle of crystal resin to finish.



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Street drinking and colouring in

If there’s two things that id-iom both enjoy and are good at it’s street drinking and colouring in so we thought we’d produce a cheeky bit of art to celebrate those very things. We’ve gone for a stripped back street scene with a very thirsty lady taking a good swig from her bottle of brew waiting to be coloured in. The words, which are a bit tricky to read in the pic due to the reflections from the crystal resin, read ‘There’s always time for a bit of street drinking and colouring in. Maybe add a few tattoo’s. Give her some attitude. It’s fun and easy to do’. And there you have it.

She’s lasercut on wood at 39 x 28cm then lovingly hand painted before some crystal resin has been drizzled on. Drop us a line if interested.




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Ytuaeb gnipeels

There’s nothing worse than making a schoolboy error whilst resolutely proclaiming to be a professional. So any self respecting artist should really know better than to walk into the trap I did. Although I’ve never done any lino cutting before I know what the score is as i have screen printed on many occasions and the same rules apply. Being excited to start my lino cutting I jumped straight in without the necessary amount of thought and only on completion was my flaw evident. I forgot to reverse the image and text so it would print the  correct way round. D’oh…



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