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Those who dance…

I like to think of this girl as gyrating round a pumping dancefloor with a mischievous look in her eye whilst she casts about for someone fun to dance with. She’s a basshead and lives for these brief moments of freedom through the medium of dance. It should be apparent by her the small tattoo on her head. The top she’s wearing is also something of a giveaway.

The title of ‘Those who dance…’ comes from a quote which is attributed to George Carlin and features next to our alluring basshead in my font du jour – Sans Forgetica.

A couple of versions of ‘Those who dance…’ are still available via Play Dead gallery until 16th Feb. They’re A2 and are £130 each if anyone wants to give them a new home.




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Looking good, feeling good and talking good stuff

You know those rare occasions when you’re on tip top form and nothing can possibly stand in your way? You may even be in just your underwear like our celebrant.

Well, we thought we’d try and impart that feeling of ‘looking good, feeling good and talking fun stuff’ into as many people as possible with this placement. A bus stop seemed as good a place as any. If it brings just one smile to one face then I figure we’ve won. I can’t imagine this one will last very long in situ however…



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My most awkward dance at work

My most awkward dance at work

My most awkward dance at work

If you’ve ever been to an office Xmas party and reflected the next day that perhaps your drunken and impromptu Justin Timberlake impression with Nicole from accounts was probably somewhat awkward and inappropriate then spare a thought for poor Chantelle here.

She had made a last minute decision to do some exotic dancing for the bikers on the Isle of Man during TT week to earn a bit of cash for her upcoming family holiday for her dad’s 50th. On her third night, in the midst of some pretty athletic pole gyrations, in walks her dad with a group of his friends who’d secretly arranged a boys trip to the TT for him for his upcoming birthday. After she’d spotted him to say she felt a little awkward would be something of an understatement but being a professional she could do nothing but continue until the song finally finished.

She’d managed to avoid making eye contact with her father and his group but as she departed the stage after picking up her meagre elements of clothing from where she’d cast them she could hear someone shouting for more. Fat chance of that she thought as she pondered the more pressing question of how to tell her dad what her job had really been for the past couple of years.



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The Bouncer

“If your name’s not down you’re not coming in” he said. Just to reiterate he stared me square in the eyes with his trademarked tough guy look and said “Not tonight, you’re not on the list” a little more firmly. It was time to move on.

This is an example of what happens when we have free time but limited art tools. Those with keen eye will know I’ve stolen those words from Kick like a mule’s seminal 1992 hit ‘The Bouncer’. If you don’t know, now you know…



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Opportunity dances…

There’s not much of a write up needed for this one. Just know that when opportunity comes twerking over the dance floor in your direction you’d better have you dancing shoes strapped on tight.

These are an edition of 3 different hand-finished pieces all produced using spray paint, screen printing and a little acrylic paint. They’re A2 in size, are signed on the back, would look lovely once framed and can be had for a paltry £100 each. Just drop us a line if you’re interested…



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Full Intention – America (found record redesign)


Found record redesign – AFTER

So this is the second of my cover redesigns for some 12″ records I found abandoned. I just had to give them a good home. At least temporarily before I repainted them and placed them back on the streets. With this one it originally looked something like this:

Found record redesign – BEFORE

But now has some extra 3D effect linework in there. My skills are so seamless that my girlfriend thought that my update was the original cover. Until i put the ‘red’, ‘white’ and ‘blue’ lettering on there. The ‘white’ lets me down somewhat although I think the overall effect still works nicely. Anyway best of luck in finding it but we’ll update when they’re all out and about…

Also, if you don’t know the song and want to hear it you can do here:



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Mother – I’m all funked up (found record re-design)

mother all funked up found record

You want serendipity? I’ll give you serendipity. Although you may need a little background before it seems all that serendipitous. I’ve always loved records and have collected them on and off since I was about 16. I’ve also always been a womble and will pick up interesting things in my travels and take them home (usually to paint on). So what was I meant to do when I rounded a corner near my house and came across an armful of abandoned 12″ records lying by a bin. It was like seeing a load of forsaken kittens lying in the street. I had no choice but to scoop them up and head on my way feeling ever so slightly smug about the whole thing. While I was having a quick check through them (which revealed that they were largely mid 90’s dance) I thought I’d perhaps re-design the covers and then put them back out on the street.

So here’s the first of my redesigns. It was initially this:

mother all funked up

But is now the marvel you see at the top. I’ve taken it quite literally and used a stencil of my own mum. Ha! That will hopefully fox someone when it gets back out on the street…

If you want to know which record I’m on about you can find out here:



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