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Cash is King

For this little piece i came up with the title first and it was all just plain sailing from there on in. I think it may have been after i was listening to ‘Suspicious minds’ that this one came to mind – although it’s always tricky to be sure. The stencil is quite small ¬†and i’m reasonably happy with the result. I think next time i should probably try and get a crisp note for such purposes.


As somebody commented on flickr apparently it is illegal to deface dollar bills so i’m just glad i don’t live in the U.S. as i would hate to have a knock at the door for doing this…







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The Ting Tings must die!

I have actually been to see the Ting Tings and they weren’t as bad as all that. In fact i’m probably being a little harsh saying they must die but it makes for a good headline. The poster I got for a couple of quid and the fun i had defacing it – priceless. Anyway if i can find it again this little puppy may well find her way onto the streets…

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