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Demolition porn

We’ve been threatening for a while now that we would show you some uncensored and filthy pictures of our old studio, the House of Pain(t), being demolished to make way for some new housing. And today’s the day.

I’m still standing.

Here she is on the last day she could be considered a complete house. But the skip is ready and waiting…

Pink room and 'Stand your ground'

Pink room and ‘Stand your ground’

The pink room has definitely looked better. Here’s a link to a panoramic shot of her in all her glory.

On reflection

On reflection

I’m not entirely sure why they stripped this bit of ceiling but at least the girls were still complete at this stage.

Heart Two Heart

This is a shot through one of the removed walls of one bedroom to another bedroom that had one of thread and paint installations in but has now been stripped of all extraneous fixtures and fittings. You can see a panoramic picture of the complete original piece here.

Thumbs up!

Thumbs up!

Here I am proudly still giving the thumbs up. All was okay at this point. But not any longer.

X ray vision

X ray vision

This is a shot from the room in which we had our ‘King Dog and the Angels‘ installation – which was our attempt to finish an uncompleted thread piece by Perspicere. The wall which has been removed also featured a painted piece called ‘Unnatural Selection‘ by Agent Provocateur.

A lonely face in a vacant place

A lonely face in a vacant place

I think there is a hole in the ceiling and a door covering a big hole in the floor to allow them to pass bits of fixtures and fittings down to the ground so they could make their way to the skip. I think this probably makes her feel even more lonely.

Classy through the bars shot!

Classy through the bars shot!

I think this is probably our most artistic shot although I would imagine it came about through a lack of attention whilst trying to focus on the house in the background. I think it best to just call it a happy accident.

Tell Tale signs – under attack. And check the floating chimney!

Here we can see Tell Tale Signs in the process of being demolished. My favourite thing about this pic is how the chimney is still floating above the piece supported by scaffolding. Odd. In fact, i’ve just noticed you can see a bit of The Mark of the Night Writer just below the chimney too.

A lonely face in a vacant place – on the way out…

Here’s about half of ‘A lonely face in a vacant place’ which has to be my favourite title of all the pieces we did at the House of Pain(t). I think she was just bricks on the floor about 20 mins after this was taken…

4 eyes

4 eyes

He really does look like his world is crashing in around him on this one. He’s seen better days.

Go Go Rankin!

Here’s what’s left of one of the downstairs sitting rooms. Although I’m notoriously rubbish with a camera I think I managed to put my Rankin head on for this shot. It’s one of my favourites and makes the day look much more pleasant than it was.

Our basement studio. Now clearly defunct.

This is not a particularly exciting shot but it shows what has happened to our domain in the basement. You can see through the window that it appears to be have been filled with rubble to allow the digger to ride on the ground above without causing it to collapse. What an ignoble end for such a prestigious spot…

The Lady on the Door

The lady on the back of the door was always somewhat problematic as we just couldn’t seem to get the nose right. In fact I’ve just checked and we never even put a picture of her up as we were so displeased with her nose. I don’t suppose it matters too much now. I am however quite proud of this shot though. She never looked so good.

Pile it high!

Pile it high!

If you look closely in the centre of the picture you can just about see an eye and a helicopter from the 125 Crest wall. The mountain of junk stretched up to the second story…

id-iom interior decoration at your service!

Here’s what’s left of our id-iom calling card in one of the downstairs sitting rooms. At least he is still looking happy – although not for much longer…

Knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door

Knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door

What’s that you can see at the above the door? Oh, it’s sky because the entire second floor has been removed!

Wallpaste wall no more...

Wallpaste wall no more…

Other than the yellow of the digger providing a nice contrast that is not a happy piece of wall. No siree.

125 Crest wall. Those who are about to die. We salute you.

Much like the rest of the house this piece is now looking a little the worse for wear and surely aware of it’s imminent destruction. This crest piece was largely a tribute to the house herself. She was good to us…

Walking skull - now floating on air.

Walking skull – now floating on air.

He looks a little odd out of context but when he was completed he looked like he was walking on the top of a desk. I really should have given him some shadow. I still haven’t got him tattooed on me yet but he’s on the list…

Stairway to heaven

Stairway to heaven

Heaven (or perhaps Hell) is just about the only place this dangerously unsafe stairway is going to take you. A lovely view from the top though.

Just a pile of bricks

Just a pile of bricks

What was once a picture becomes just another pile of bricks.

Floating magpie

Floating magpie

Like the Walking Skeleton this magpie once stood on a desk which made it look a little less odd. And there was a little ‘worm’ in the wall that it was about to eat. You can see that here if you like that kind of thing.

Licorice Eyes

It seems this little beauty is about to get swallowed whole by a big pile of debris. And she looked so glorious just a few short weeks ago…



Old bobblehead here looks a little wary doesn’t he? But then I suppose I would be too given the demo crew ripping the place up.

Wallpaste wall fluttering in the wind.

This was pretty much all that remained of the wall we wheatpasted with the various bits we had lying around when it came to clearing our stuff out of the basement. The end is nigh…



There will be little further tweeting from this location. And the cat may even get his food.

4 eyes defiant

This was the first room we managed to get completed and one of the last to go. The painting to the left of his head doesn’t really make much sense once they removed the wardrobe that we painted over. Although I like how he looks defiant despite the digger claw sitting ominously close.


Finally we have a shot showing the final stages of destruction. I think they have to dig out the basement once they’ve removed all above and then it’s time to start building again. It’s a good spot and we wish the new residents all the best when they finally move in.

We had our studio in the basement for 18 months and were then allowed to paint the entire place up prior to demolition. We had a great time applying a little id-iom decoration to just about every surface we could cover and, in a strange way, it’s quite pleasing seeing all that hard work being razed to the ground and reduced to rubble.You can’t stand in the way of progress. I just wish we could find another condemned building that we could give a good send off to…



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