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Star Wars commission – stage 2

The second of a load of star wars stencils we will be cutting as part of a commission we have recently been asked to do on a kid’s bedroom wall (the first one can be seen here). I have taken a few liberties with the colours of the trooper but as far as i can tell they can come in many different colour schemes so i don’t think my pastel disco version is stretching it that far…
There isn’t all that much creativity involved but it’s still good to do as there is so much iconic imagery to use. We’ll mainly be using the characters from the animated/comic Clone Wars series that were originally designed by Genndy Tartakovsky(who also designed Samurai Jack and Dexter’s Laboratory).
Title: Clone trooper slate
Media: Hand cut stencils, spraypaint & paint pens
Size: Found piece of slate (approx 41 x 26cm)

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