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Life Safety Begins Here

id-iom is very much a caring partnership. Just last week the younger member of id-iom had his birthday and I thought to produce a very thoughtful gift for him. I should probably point out that he’s also diabetic. Sometimes not a very responsible one who has ended up in hospital on a number of occasions. Given that proclivity I thought a gentle reminder of good practice may well be in order. After I’d presented it to him we looked at the calendar and, at the time of writing the numbers, he had avoided a hospitalisation incident for 534 days. Good work. Let’s keep it up. Accidents are avoidable…

Made using the magic of stencils and spraypaint on a newly acquitted A2 blackboard. A slightly macabre but well intended must have for the hossie hound in your life…




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Dibo’s, dibo’s everywhere!

Like Su-Bo, Dibo’s will soon be everywhere. I was reading the other day that it is predicted that diabetes will affect half of all Americans by the end of the decade. Now that is going to be more than 150 million people and will annually cost around 10% (about $500 billion) of their entire healthcare budget. Now surely with all this over-eating and lack of exercise even their superheroes are eventually going to succumb. With this in mind I’ve depicted an overweight Superman (he can still just about fly though due to our sun that powers him) taking an overweight lady to the nearest hospital so she can be surgically removed from the telephone box in which she has accidentally been trapped.

I finished the original version of this piece last week and then took it outside in the sunshine to get a photo. As i’ve learned slate is a lovely medium to work with but can be fragile when it hits the floor… At least i managed to get a shot of it before it broke. Then i decided that there’s no point cursing at yourself for too long and thought i may as well just get to work on another. So version two is at the bottom and comes complete with a dose of glow-in-the-dark paint emanating from the sun that makes Superman so super.



Type 2 Nation (U.S version)

Top: original piece

Middle: broken piece! 😦

Bottom: new piece! 🙂

Media: Stencils and spraypaint on slate


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They could be brothers…

I have always told Hugo that he was adopted. Now perhaps i have some hard evidence to prove it… It appears that he has more in common with Shepard Fairey that would seem apparent at first glance.

We never knew where Hugo came from but now it appears he must have been shipped over from the US (or maybe they were both born in the UK and Shep was taken to the US!) Not only do they both dabble in street art, they both have diabetes and they both fancy themselves as dj’s (although i’ve got to say that DJ Diabetic is a particularly uninspiring name!) Coincidence? I think not. Point proven. Case closed.

I have nicked one photo below but for more proof all you have to do is follow the link here

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