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Fame at last…

After our successful venture to Mannifest (see here) we were approached  as regards an interview for the Manx Independent, a newspaper on the Isle of Man. Being the fame hungry slack-jaw’s we are we jumped at the chance and proceeded to pour our hearts out to the inquisitive reporter.  After a little cajoling i even included a picture of us (well, it’s an illustration) but that was as far as i was willing to go. A street artist must do at least a little to protect his anonymity after all…

Keen eyed readers will note our plea to be big in Japan. If you could possibly help us sort this out please get in touch as we would sincerely love a trip to Japan – and everytime i think about it i can’t get the song ‘Big in Japan’ by Alphaville out of my head…



The top of the article has been cut off due to the fact that it wouldn’t quite fit on an A4 scanner bed. The title for the piece is ‘Sholto and Hugo make their mark on London’ and comes from the Manx Independent on Friday 24th September 2010. Click on the image for a larger version.


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90 minutes

DIageo Logo

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We were recently asked to take part in a project called ’90 minutes’ for drinks giant Diageo. I have already covered our involvement and the piece we did here but we have just got an update from the PR company involved which shows us some of the other pieces that were created by various other artists. Now i’m going to reserve judgement on some of the pieces that were entered and just let you make up your own mind…

Click here for 90 minute art website

Following a show at Diageo’s HQ near Wembley they are going to be taking 11 bits of work out to various places to do 90 minute art exhibitions at various London locations.



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