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Feeling a little discombobulated

Today’s sphere is somewhat discombobulated. It thought it was meant to be studying basic human interactions but has managed to do so at an illegal rave in the Essex countryside. There’s laser lights, strobes, sweaty ravers, day glo clothing and loud pumping psychedelic trance coming from a nearby speaker pyramid. People seem to be happy but there are many confusing interactions. How is Grey sphere 004 meant to process this? Perhaps it’s best if it heads outside for a quick sit down to get its head together…

It’s on A2 paper and has been made using the magic of spraypaint, stencils¬† and a misspent youth. Drop us a line if interested.



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Discombobulated mumbo jumbo artist

Ever since I heard Jon Snow (from Channel 4 news rather than Game of Thrones) describe someone as a ‘discombobulated mumbo jumbo artist’ I have aspired to be described as such. I can’t remember now who he was describing and I’m pretty sure it was meant as an insult but it’s a great phrase that has stuck in my head for ages now. I even tweeted him about it at the time but he sadly never replied. What has this got to do with today’s piece I hear you ask. Well, the truth is very little but given our proclivity to come up with write ups for our work I had to come up with something and I had mental block when it came to this picture of a somewhat grotesque face on a small jigsaw. If it wasn’t likely to fall to pieces I’d probably put it out on the street. Make of it what you will…



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